Twists of attraction

Has this happened to you?

While I in no way depend on others for my self esteem, it’s still a nice ego boost when someone is attracted to me, especially if I consider to be as or more than attractive than me. But then later, I see some of the other people they find attractive, and I think they are so much less attractive than me and realizes the person thinks of me as being in the same attractiveness range. Boy that ego bubbles bursts!

Also sometimes someone I used to be extremely attracted to I’ll meet years later and wonder what was I thinking?

No, it’s never happened to me. I’m just glad someone finds me attractive and leave it at that.

Yes. But mostly because I start to question whether the person really found me attractive, if she goes around telling so many other people that they are attractive.

I also have the thing where I consider myself more attractive, until I look with a critical eye in the mirror. I don’t know how many times I’ve assumed in the moment that a woman who slightly invades my personal space must be attracted to me.