Unholy Lesbian Vampire Army of the Night - Elect the Dark Queen!

Dear Reader,

Yes, the unthinkable has happened. A crisis of confidence is brewing in the ranks. There are those who say the the current Dark Queen is too old, too feeble, too distracted, and thus should be replaced by young blood. There is a large camp of loyal opposition that has gathered about the Dark Princess, andygirl, and proposes to put her into power by violent overthrow.

Which, I have been told, involves the Dark Queen being kidnapped, enslaved, and put at the mercy of the entire Unholy Lesbian Vampire Sorority at Dartmouth…sigh. Rather than risk that…unfortunate circumstance…sigh…I think we should instead hold a Vote of Confidence. Each member of ULVAN, any Board lesbians, TG lesbians - oh hell, any interested parties can vote. Who will be the Dark Queen of the Unholy Lesbian Vampire Army of the Night?

Anthracite - Current Dark Queen (Dark Consort Fierra.)

andygirl - Current Dark Princess (Dark Consort quietgirldownthehall.)

Or, write-in a candidate.

Whoever gets the most votes by Friday Feb. 2, 2001, shall be the new Dark Queen.

So, as the Democrats say, vote early and often! :wink:

I go with the incumbent.

As a loyal auxilary member of the Unholy Lesbian Vampire Coast Guard of the Night, I’d feel compelled to resign my commission if anyone but Anthracite were elected Dark Queen.

Don’t worry, Antriacite, you’re caught in the classic bind between Dark Queens and Dark Princesses. A Dark Princess can wander around being gratuitously evil and getting lauded for it, while a Dark Queen has to attend to the difficult business of governing, keeping the power stations running and the like. So keep it up, Your Dark Majesty, you’re doing a great job.

Old? Feeble?

ROT! Anyone who survives that roadtrip and pens another excellent installment of Cecil Cove is feeble.

Anthracite, all the way!

My massive crush on andygirl has forced me, surprisingly, to vote for Anthracite. andygirl has far too much on her plate to be Dark Queen, though she’d make a fabulous posterchild (along with quietgirldownthehall).

Plus this way I’ll have something new to talk to andy about in MIRC:)

NOT feeble. That would be not feeble

:: Preview is my friend. Preview is not the tool of the devil. ::

Anthracite all the way!! Long live the queen!!

we all know what these young upstarts are like. Thinking they can handle the power of ULVAN. But, as peter parker says, with great power comes great resopnsibility
*scuttles away, bowing to the dark queen…
wait a second, I’m not even ULVAN.

*walks away, whistling “Sunshine and Lolipops”

I’ve never been a dark consort before and it is too good an opportunity to miss, so…I have to vote for Anthracite. But isn’t a vote of confidence a little genteel & polite for an unholy lesbian vampire army though?
[sub]I was looking forward to the bloodbath…[/sub]

Hmmm…on the one hand, we have someone who can analyze vitrinite inclusions and is an expert on relative flash points. That’s got to count for something.

On the other, a person who knows the full words to “Ebenezer Wheelock” – surely a major qualifications.

Based on that, I’ll have to abstain from voting.

But, based on his Pit thread, let me nominate **Matt_mcl{/b] for Evil Femme Gaymale Pretender to the Throne. Certainly the ULVAN needs something like a pretender to keep the requisite degree of drama going!

I’m voting for andygirl.

However, my vote can be swayed if Gramma Nym gets some in Part 3.
Double-juicy extra cheese with tongue points revert back to Una if I get to A) pick who I get some with and B) GET TO AKS SUM1 IF THE HAV CUM YET!!!

It’s in Una’s hands now.

Maybe the “vote” is preliminary to the Great Purge, and takes place only to compile a list of dissenters who will then be vivisected publicly, and hanged with their own entrails…

What a great way for an Unholy Lesbian Vampire Queen to both strengthen her own power base AND provide hors d’ouvres for the after-party!

We can hope. This message board could use a little gratuitous violence. :smiley:

Hmmm…a poorer showing than I was expecting. Especially for the followers of Dark Princess andygirl! Her own Dark Consort has not even voted for her yet…

The results are:

Anthracite : 6 votes
andygirl : 1 vote
Matt_mcl : 1 vote

Where are you, challengers to the throne! Show yourselves! The Dark Queen mocks you!

(stops to give a nip to Fierra)

As a long time supporter of the current consort it should come as no suprise that I cast my ballot for Anthracite…once I’m bought I stay bought. :wink:

Well, this is an interesting thing to stumble across when one is wanting a nap.

Drat. Drat! Drat! screamed Andy as she stared at her computer screen. With the push of a button, she summoned her minions.

"Minions! How is it possible that the Dark Queen has knowledge of my insidious plan? she said, in a Snidely Whiplash-esque tone.

A minion groveled. “I do not…”

"Silence! No interruptions! There must be a way to subvert the masses. Sexual favors? Nubile virgins? Fear? Debauchery?

“Well, we could…” the unfortunate minion was summarily executed with a Dental Dam of Doom.

“I believe that I asked for no interruptions.” The minions quivered.

Andy became aware of a familiar stare. “Shut up.”

But I didn’t say anything.

"I know that. You rarely do. Hence the nickname, " replied Andy.

Quietgirl walked seductively towards Andy, her nuthatch hair cascading about her shoulders beautifully as she cocked her head to one side.

"You’re overreacting, honey. The coup will come, with or without this vote. Una is letting them suffer the illusion that their voices matter.

Andy smiled then, displaying somewhat discerning canines. Very true. You always do manage to put things in perspective."

She turned towards the minions. “Let them vote as they like. We will keep our records and use them when the time comes.” With a wave of her hand, the minions disappeared.

Damn it! Will someone please move this body? Quietgirl, stop laughing!

Good old Snidely Whiplash. How IS s/he/it doing?

Well, it wouldn’t be very dark then, would it?

One vote for andygirl. For my bribe, I’ll take three sexual favors, a first round nubile virgin draft choice, and a debauchery to be named later.

Okay, my vote for andygirl is cemented. For my bribe, I want you to get Gramma Nym to have some fun in part 3.

Two birds, meet one stone. Boo-yah!

Trust yea not, the mechanisions of the unholy, for they are cunning and devious.
This is not a call for votes but a rodentious plan hatched by both the Queen and Princess to OUT all those disloyal to their reign, oh beware yea the blood letting shall soon commence. Already the innocent (well its all relative) Matt has been identified and targeted.

So take note and do not listen to those of forked tongue for they are well practiced at using it.



:eek: Did i say that out loud? I vote for Una, BTW.
[sub]now where’s my bribe money?[sub]