unintended sign juxtapositions

On the way home every day I pass a sign post that contains 2 signs:

Pedestrian Xing

(and below it)

No Stopping

So it’s OK to run right over those pesky pedestrians in the crosswalk?

Any great/funny sign combos you’ve come across?
(In one thread someone made mention of the 2 billboards: “What a Pair” and “Got Milk?”)

This is kind of old, but there are two towns near each other called Clinton, SC and Prosperity, SC.

There is a real roadsign that became mildly famous during the 1992 election that points one way to Clinton and the other to Prosperity.

There was a restaurant in Gatlinburg that had one of those signs with removable letters. It was too high to reach from the street, so it was an employee who did the inappropriate spacing of lines:

Help Wanted
All You Can Eat $9.99

There was a little bait shop/store in Coushatta, LA with the sign out front:

Live Worms
Meat Pies

I’m sure the combination was intentional (and thus not right in line with the OP); but it always made me smile.

Which reminds me of the fact that when Hurricane Bonnie hit the Carolinas last year, in the middle of the Lewinsky episode, the weekly paper headlined the article about the storm’s impact “Bonnie Blows Clinton A Good One”

Gaah…the local newspaper in Clinton, NC!

:::proof, then post. proof, then post. proof…::::

Someone I know has a disturbing obsession/fascination with the number 69 which I really don’t want to know any more about.

Anyway we were driving from our school, SUNY Binghamton, to somewhere else and she noticed and became VERY excited about this sign on the highway:

Binghamton 69

we missed it on the way back.

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

I do not know Daniel, but I assume with a name of Daniel that you are male. And you did say she I believe. So maybe you ought to help her explore this fascination with 69.


Speaking of 69.

On I-75 in Michigan. Exit 69 is for Big Beaver. That never failed to crack up me and my friends in High School.

Man, was I ever that mature??


heh. funny.

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

This isn’t a coincidence, but funny nonetheless. A local radio station here broadcasts Rush and Dr. Laura and one of their billboards reads “Dual Airbags” with both their pics.

not unintentional - but still amusing.

Real personal ad found in magazine.


A tall woman with good
reputation, who can cook frog
legs, who can stand a little fu-
ture fun at parties and froli-
cking without getting serious.

Alternatively, just read lines 1, 3 and 5.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else.

Cape Girardeau has a Ford St. and a Fairlane Dr… and they intersect. I don’t remember which sign is on top though.

Cape Girardeau has a Ford St. and a Fairlane Dr… and they intersect. I don’t remember which sign is on top though.

Shit! Sorry 'bout the double post.

I bet you’ve been just dyin’ for a place to post that.
Thanks for the laugh. :slight_smile:

In an apartment complex:

Slow children crossing

There was no punctuation between “slow” and “children”, and the sign was repainted at least once while I was there.

Only in Memphis. But it seemed to make a lot of sense. :slight_smile:

Hey, if smug can do it, so can I. Brace yourselves though, it’s in French. But you’re all so intelligent, I suppose this won’t be a biggie.

>Voici une lettre que George Sand a
>envoyee a Alfred de Musset :

>Je suis tres emue de vous dire que j’ai
>bien compris l’autre soir que vous aviez
>toujours une envie folle de me faire
>danser. Je garde le souvenir de votre
>baiser et je voudrais bien que ce soit
>la une preuve que je puisse etre aimee
>par vous. Je suis prete a montrer mon
>affection toute desinteressee et sans cal-
>cul, et si vous voulez me voir aussi
>vous devoiler sans artifice mon ame
>toute nue, venez me faire une visite.
>Nous causerons en amis, franchement.
>Je vous prouverai que je suis la femme
>sincere, capable de vous offrir l’affection
>la plus profonde comme la plus etroite
>en amitie, en un mot la meilleure preuve
>que vous puissiez rever, puisque votre
>ame est libre. Pensez que la solitude ou j’ha-
>bite est bien longue, bien dure et souvent
>difficile. Ainsi, en y songeant j’ai l?ame
>grosse. Accourez donc vite et venez me la
>faire oublier par l’amour ou je veux me

>Musset s’empressa de repondre :

>Quand je mets a vos pieds un eternel hommage,
>Voulez-vous qu’un instant je change de visage ?
>Vous avez capture les sentiments d’un coeur
>Que pour vous adorer forma le Createur.
>Je vous cheris, amour, et ma plume en delire
>Couche sur le papier ce que je n’ose dire.
>Avec soin de mes vers lisez les premiers mots :
>Vous saurez quel remede apporter a mes maux.
>Romantique n’est-ce pas ?
>Maintenant relisez la lettre de Sand une ligne sur 2 …
>et les premiers mots de chaque ligne de celle de Musset
>Tout ceci est authentique … "

And now I’ll just hope and pray this all went well alignment-wise, otherwise I’ve just ruined a perfect joke - one that REALLY happened though.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Woohoo !

It worked ! Now get out them dictionaries, ya damn Yankees :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Well I translated the second one first (it’s shorter, I’m lazy), and it says…nevermind, I’ll wait a bit so as not to spoil it for others.

But it was obviously the answer Georges was looking for, so no need to translate the first message. It’s no doubt celver, though.