Unofficial All-SDMB "This Post/Poster makes my day!" Thread

I like @Gatopescado 's posts: they are short, to the point and they make me laugh. Wish I could be as concise.

Seconding @Gatopescado. (I owe him money.)

@gatopescado is a great poster, a gentleman, and a scholar who is not paying me to post this.

In the years I’ve been on the Dope, I have only seen a few Stranger posts that were below 200 words.

I think we need to compile every single one of his comments together and it would form an informative hundred-page book on topics ranging from rocket trajectories to cancer research and DEA bureaucracy.

I agree, but he IS paying me to post this.

Awww thanks……that makes me think I should whine about being an insecure writer that needs validation more often.

And I’m going to throw out special mentions to

for being skilled and thoughtful writers

And in a few seconds, I’m going to remember that other great writer whose name is slipping my mind at the moment. If you’re reading this, it’s probably YOU. :blush:

Wow, thanks! :blush: I don’t think I’ve ever made one of these threads before.

Why golly–thank you, Ann, and back atcha! I definitely appreciate your posts.

Adding also to the Qadgop and Stranger love. And a few others: @MrDibble and @Banquet_Bear often bring perspectives and knowledge that educates me, and I really appreciate that. @monstro and @Aanamika are very missed. @Miller is brilliant on the comics/sf front, even when I’m not sure I agree with him, and has a fantastic turn of phrase in politics and the Pit. @kayaker regularly cracks me up.

Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always been fascinated by flying, but @LSLGuy’s posts I always find interesting and informative, even if they are not about flying. I also enjoy his contributions in the XKCD thread, and other parts of the board.

Other flyers like @Broomstick, @Johnny_L.A and @Richard_Pearse also contribute greatly, even if vicariously, to my enjoyment of the world of aviation.

@Stranger_On_A_Train is extremely knowledgeable and informative on a variety of topics, I always look forward to his posts, even if I have to put aside considerable time to get through some of them.

@Left_Hand_of_Dorkness, as a teacher, not only brings a useful perspective on the state of education, which is a topic that is often at least tangentially related to many threads, but also, as an elementary teacher, displays a gift with his patience and ability to, well, teach. Sometimes subjects are complex, and he has a way of explaining them that is approachable while not being patronizing, IMHO, anyway.

While @Ann_Hedonia’s been mentioned a few times already, I have to agree, and throw my love for reading her posts. They are sometimes somehow or other both terrifying and encouraging in the world that they describe.

Well, I could go on for a while, and I don’t want to insult anyone by leaving them out, but I’ll omnibus a bit some of the other posters I enjoy reading:

iiandyiiii, Little_Nemo, kayaker and kaylasdad99 (even though I had some confusion for a while back in the day over thinking they were the same poster), asahi, miller, Buck_Godot, GIGObuster, Gyrate, Euphonious_Polemic, MrDibble, crowmanyclouds and many others that I could probably think of if I spent more time thinking about it.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Apparently you can only mention ten users in a post, so I removed some @'s.

Thank you for the kind words, @Ann_Hedonia and @k9bfriender! I also appreciate you and many other posters, and sorry for those I forget – @MrDibble, @Left_Hand_of_Dorkness, @Spice_Weasel, @Sunny_Daze, @GIGObuster, @Stranger_On_A_Train, @Miller, and many more.

It would take me quite awhile to make the complete list of posters whose posts regularly make my day. Everyone in this thread (mentioned and mentioned) is on my good list. The MMPers, of course, are a great mood lifter. For now, I’ll just add that @ParallelLines has started a great thread - positivity is (almost) always welcome.

Well, that’s odd. Maybe it’s a ‘crash the board due to the linkage being excessive’ sort of thing.

Anyway, I don’t always get to this sub-forum so I’m grateful for the OP specifying to use the 'at’s.

Thank you, @Ann_Hedonia for your kind mention! And of course like virtually everyone in the thread I’d have mentioned you even without it being a returned compliment; I particularly love the way you bring in just the right real-world experience to illuminate so many topics.

I agree with many who’ve posted about particular names that can Make My Day (and not in the Clint Eastwood sense). I must add @Aspenglow and @wolfpup, @ThelmaLou, @asahi, and that’s not the end of the list. @Smapti with the Trump imitations. And others. (The quoted @k9bfriender, for one.) And one of the people with a name that begins with an E consistently makes me guffaw (or at least chortle) out loud…or maybe it’s all of them.

I’ll be back!

And for today, a poster going above and beyond for another board member…


While the thread on @Beckdawrek 's surgery is an occasion we hope to avoid repeating, DZ taking the time out to share the updates with the board is a mitzvah (oh my god, I typed that, I am turning into my father!?!?!). Now Dropzone go forth and make our day with happy news as well.

And of course Beckdawrek is entitled to a shout-out here as well, she’s almost unremittingly positive, even in a world that seems bound and determined to grimdark itself to oblivion. Heal well and hope to see you soon!

Thanks for the love. One person I haven’t seen mentioned here is @Kimstu. I find myself in frequent enthusiastic agreement with their posts and they always swoop in with a better articulated point than I could have made on my own.

@Velocity adds a nice moderate viewpoint to most issues that I appreciate.

Thank you!

@ParallelLines , your OP made my day a bit brighter.

Glad to help you out there @Heffalump_and_Roo - it’s Monday, we can all use a little help from our friends (and caffeine, lots of caffeine).

But actually came back to the thread for a second time today to mention a specific post -

@LSLGuy has been mentioned in this thread before (and for good reasons), but really wanted to share the Post this time. It talks about what makes the board what it is, and how to hold on to the best of what we are. A select quote:

But knowing that we are successful, at least in the sense of still being here at all, we can maximize that future success by trading on what we are, rather than trying to become something we aren’t.

Stay open to international participation. Emphasize things that let us connect as people, not just as disembodied experts or opinion-spreaders/spewers. Most of all, preserve the civility that helps us all remember that the words of others we read aren’t coming from bots to be shouted at; they’re coming from actual people with feelings just as sensitive, prickly, and rubbed raw as our own.

I raise my Monday evening Rum and Cola to you LSLGuy!

Every word, all true!

:tumbler_glass: to @LSLGuy, who shoulders much of the blame for this mere mortal poster still being here.

There are some posters who, no matter what the subject is, put up posts that I will always look at:

@Spice_Weasel (sparkly jackboots or not)

There are more, but those come to mind first.

Thanks, @Spoons, and you should add your own name to that list.