Unusual gifts that you got at Christmas

I was making a cup of tea with my Tardis tea infuser that I got at Christmas and wanted to know if anyone else had got any unusual for Christmas. I also received a sonic screwdriver pizza cutter.

My mom bought me introductory falconry lessons. A complete surprise as I’ve never expressed an interest, but I’m very excited about them!

I got a brick of tea. And it is hard like a brick. Internet research has revealed that you’re supposed to use a stout needle to pry bits of tea off it. I intend to try this soon… knives and pliers have failed so far.

I got a Doctor Whooves figure for my desk. :slight_smile:

Also a small antique accordion and some tuned wine glasses.

This is AWESOME.

I got a gift certificate for a high-end butcher shop and a shirt that says “PUNK - Professional Uncle, No Kids” which is perfect.

I don’t think it’s classed as “unusual”, but I got Ron Burgundy’s autobiography for Xmas. Just sayin…

I got some things that are not exactly weird in themselves, but I just think of them as “old lady presents”, like a mug with a wagtail on it and a scarf with woodpeckers. Also one of those blankets with arms. I hadn’t really thought of them as presents that people would give to me. Guess I’m old now? :confused:

I got a fart gun for Christmas. Also, I gave a giant pair of footy football team pajamas to an 82 year old friend of mine.

I don’t know how unusual it is, but I’m geeked about the butterfly feeder I got for Christmas. Could just be because it’s 14 degrees out and we have about a foot of snow on the ground, and butterflies make me think summer.

Nothing too weird on my end (well, this guy), but my mom received two dead bats for Christmas, from two different people. One freeze dried, the other skeletonized and sealed in Lucite.

Nothing odd this year, but the Falconry lessons sound really interesting, as does the pair of dead bats [I think bats are fascinating.]

We got a boring Amazon gift card, so I bought 2 chromecast dongles, one for each tv and a 5 lotus flower soap/chocolate mold, a tiny snowflake candy mold, a slightly larger snowflake candy mold and a small maple leaf candy mold. I plan on using teh lotus mold to make ma’mouns and moon cakes rather than soap. And possibly filled marzipans.

A flannel bathrobe with the Peanuts comic strip characters printed on it.

It is a very comfortable bathrobe :slight_smile:

Was this gift courtesy of your local ER?

whimpers in jealousy that’s not unusual, that is AWESOME.

My former grandboss got all of us those for Christmas a couple years back, and they are … Sigh … Surprisingly nice. Especially in chilly offices, which is where we worked at the time and what gave her the idea, but, damn, if they aren’t cozy in wintertime book-reading (or SDMB-surfing) marathons.

How wrong of me is it that I’m kinda jealous? (And … curious. Details plz?)

ETA: a doper gave me a pickle ornament for our secret Santa exchange. Not too terribly unusual for those of us with ze German blood, but maybe weird for those who aren’t familiar with the tradition?

ETA 2: you know who else had ze German blood…? :smiley:

Goat’s milk soap.
At least I hope it’s made from their milk and not their tallow.

A book called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” My stepmom spends all year collecting funny stocking stuffers. Last year I got a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush.

So … What IS it telling you?

Having never heard of a tea brick prior, I googled and found :Pu-ehr tea, and a YouTube video showing the use of a letter-opener device used to wedge in and pry off thin layers of compressed tea. Some of those bricks appear to be beautiful works of art.

Nothing in the unusual gift department here, snowshoes.

Maybe they think you look young, I keep seeing those advertised for grown-ups but only see or hear of them being used for kids.

Huzzah! Nava is now top of my favourite person list! :smiley:

(And the yellow wagtail mug? I don’t know why, but to me mugs with birds that have the name of the bird on them just say “old people”. It’s an old people thing. I need a Justin Bieber toothbrush asap.)