Urbanredneck is a homophobic bigot

Golly gee! tapu, I bet this NEVER OCCURRED TO YOU in sixteen years of being part of a lesbian couple raising a boy? Amiright? You never even THOUGHT about whether he’d need a male influence, did you? I bet your mind is like KAPOW right now.

Seriously, if ever there was an example of mansplaining, this has got to be it.

One of my favorite parts is that he has a go-to gay that he claims to be a fan of, and he doesn’t even know the guy’s name:

His wife’s a real piece of work, too.

Yeah, I love that, because when I think pressure-cooker bomber (say, of a marathon), I definitely don’t think Caucasian.

Paul Lynde really was funny, wasn’t he? :wink:

And LHand of Dness, you’re right: it never even occurred to us that Asa might benefit from positive male figures in his life. See, we parent mindlessly. Most gay couples do because that’s what we see a lot in the gen pop. Asa’s close relationship with his grandfather, his involvement with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, his frequent input from his uncles and others just… happened. We didn’t give a thought to setting all that up.

Thank you and the many others who get that. Those that don’t must picture us as dull-witted, unthinking, unmindful, clueless parents. I wonder where they developed their baseline opinion of parenting. Hm?

This is kind of how I think about privilege. You as a lesbian parent might have a pretty decent idea of what I as a straight parent go through and how I make decisions: you’re inundated every day with representations and conversations about what it’s like to be a straight parent, not to mention you probably grew up in a household with straight parents. You probably don’t need me to tell you much of anything about what it’s like to be a straight parent.

I, on the other hand, know three or four gay couples with kids, which means I know next to nothing about what it’s like to be a gay parent. It’s not really something I have to think about on a daily basis. Whatever occurs to me about the specific aspects of gay parenting has 100% already occurred to you, since you’ve thought about it so much more.

Yes, our mindfulness is due in no small measure to the fact that we don’t have kids *by accident. *

Looks more like straightsplaining to me. And, yes, that is a real word that is actually used. Don’t blame me.

I still wonder about Fred Phelps.

He is in the “people are gay by choice” camp and doesn’t understand why a dude would choose to be with a dude when ladies smell so nice.

I wish I could find that damn post he made wondering why a guy who likes guys can’t just find himself a nice woman to settle down with. Ugh!

Hey, remember that time he came into your thread about positive, happy role models for people not in relationships and explained how to get in a relationship with a lame ass fishing analogy like everyone in that thread was 4… and talking about something complete different?

Muslim, Ay-rab, what’s the difference?

Why the surprise at a Neanderthal? A self-admitted redneck, in Houston IIRC. Hope it’s clearer now why I left Texas.

I wonder when he “decided” to become hetero.

Every morning in front of the mirror.

<deep breath> “OK, Mary. We can do this.”

Too a-feared that he’d like that there homo sexs just a wee bit much. Duh. :wink:

Please pass the brain bleach.

So, as a gay man, I can only mate with 3% of the men in the world? That adds up to 105 million men. That’s not enough?

If I’m sexually active for 60 years, that means I’m mating with 1,750,000 men per year, or almost 5,000 per day. Seriously, I should switch to women, because 5,000 per day isn’t enough?


Well, it is notoriously difficult for gay men to pick up other gay men.

Did he actually quote Jeff Foxworthy on the Board? I seem to recall that.

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