Urbanredneck is a homophobic bigot

I think this is a really good point. While there are massive similarities between gay and straight marriages and families, there are some differences and I believe some people don’t wish to talk about that aspect. But to me those differences are proven to work, forming and expanding what marriage is for humanity, allowing people to be who they were made to be, and as proof being equally effective at raising children.
Tapu brings up one such difference “Yes, our mindfulness is due in no small measure to the fact that we don’t have kids by accident.”.

It is the similarities that bind us together as accepted members of the human family, but it is the differences that show off our individual beauty, being accepted given our differences and not feeling the need to hide the differences to conform. In this case a having a child becomes much harder and therefore demonstrates a level of desire to have such children. This is a difference, one that shows the level of commitment and responsibility to children in a positive way.

I do see it similar to interracial marriage, which is really just intercultural marriage. there is a difference here, 2 cultures coming together with different understanding based on background and heritage. Children of such marriages, and the spouses have a greater understanding of each other’s cultures and can act as bridges of understanding which helps us all, and gives people more acceptance and choices. In many ways I do view gay marriages as having a intercultural aspect as there are societal differences between men and women, also between gay and straight.

So there is homophobia, people who want others to just be like themselves. There is reverse, people who just want ‘gay’ marriage to be the same as ‘straight’ marriage. Both are wrong IMHO, Both are doing marriage and humanity a disservice, Both are marriages, but calling them exactly the same is ignoring the 5000 lb gorilla in the room that there are differences, and ignoring that those differences is ignoring the beauty of how more people are now being accepted for who they are, and the ability for us to rejoice in the differences and learn from each other.

What the fuck is this, ASCII Rorschach ?

If I go to a style of restaurant I’ve never been to before and I don’t like it, when I think to myself “You know what? I don’t think I’m going to eat there any more…” that’s called making a choice.

If I read an author I’ve never read before and I don’t like his work and I think “You know what? I don’t think I’m going to read any more of his books…”, that’s called making a choice.

If I’m offered the chance to experiment and I think, “You know what? I think I’ll stick with girls,” that’s not making a choice?


The difference in your examples is that it seems you decided to not even try gay sex.

Or did you try it and not like it?

Are you rejecting the restaurant before you have a meal there?

Are you avoiding the author before you read anything by him?

But you’re not choosing to dislike the food. You ate it and you didn’t like it. Your innate preference just informed your choice. Similarly, you’re not choosing to be attracted to women. You are attracted to them, and that innate trait informed your decision not to have sex with men.

Even if you took the offer to experiment, that wouldn’t necessarily mean you were gay.

This is how I see it: you can choose who to have sex with, but you can’t choose your sexual orientation. Some straight people occasionally choose to have sex with the same sex, and some gay people occasionally choose to have sex with the opposite sex, for varying reasons unrelated to sexual or romantic attraction. And some people have sexual/romantic attraction for both sexes.

How many self-identified straight people even got to the “earnestly experimenting” stage, d’you reckon ?

I mean, the one time I had an honest shot at it, I sure didn’t take it and to this day think of it as a pretty bad day. Call me bigoted if you like, but “drunk gay guy showing up in your (guest) room in the middle of the night, fondling you and not taking “what the fuck ?! fuck off” for an answer” didn’t work for me. I mean the guy didn’t even buy me dinner or nothing !

Before and after that I was never attracted to the male body and while I can appreciate hot guys in the abstract I’ve never gone from “damn, Robert Downey Jr. is prettAY” to “I’d really like to have his cock near/on/inside me”. I couldn’t tell you the exact proportion of nature and nurture that have been going on but there was never any choice, ambiguity or even curiosity on my (body’s) part. LittleKobal just doesn’t salute dudes.

OK, LittleKobal salutes *that *one. LittleKobal is kind of an art slash 4chan snob.

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The best thing about this thread is that it is further proof that you can learn something from anyone.

In the OP ZipperJJ has this:

Well I must admit I had never thought about the relative difficulty in finding a partner for gays. Although I assume, by the same token, one has less competition as well as a smaller field of candidates. Certainly a different dynamic though.

I think we’re all dancing around the real question here: who, exactly, does one report possibly illicit pressure cooker sales to? Congress has been remiss in not establishing a Department of Kitchen Utensil Security.

Clearly meant to be part of the Kitchen Cabinet.

I assumed she had reported the pressure cooker purchaser because of the whole Gay-Lussac’s Law thing.

This thread is so weird, and so indicative of the Dope. We have people trashing Urbanredneck, rightfully so, some dude making ASCII art which makes little to no sense, jokes, pressure cooker explosions, serious discussions about sexuality and preference, and people trying to find a mate amongst “only” 3% of the population.

I came in here to comment that lots and lots of Indians, and others, not just “middle easterners”, use a pressure cooker for cooking. You guys should try it! It cooks your food lickety split, without much monitoring, and it’s great to use to blow up stuff too!

I also kind of wondered who Urbanredneck reported it to. Do you call the cops and tell them a swarthy man bought a pressure cooker off you? Do they give a shit?

Reported. :smiley:

So, I’m not allowed to say I don’t want haggis, even though I’ve never had it? I don’t want to ride a motorcycle, because I think they’re dangerous, and that’s not a choice I’ve made? The only way people can justify making a choice about something is if they experience it first, so they can make an informed decision? Hey, I don’t think I want to have smallpox, but I guess that’s not a choice I get to make. I also don’t want to be a ballerina or drive race cars. Those aren’t choices? Bullshit.

You choose not to eat haggis. You didn’t choose to dislike it.