Valar Hiatus: The Game of Thrones offseason thread

Sophie Turner (Sansa) gives birth to a girl, the name has a GoT connection, though I don’t know if that is why it was picked: Willa


A visit to Iceland, filming location for GOT and many other shows and movies:

Willa in the series is a serving girl in one episode of Season 8 so not really of much importance, Wylla is the supposed serving girl who was spoken as to be Jon Snow’s mother in the books (assuming it’s ok to speak of them here now). By the normal standards of asoiaf one of the better treated women…

I was thinking Ned Stark’s fling, forgetting the spelling. Ms Turner could have named the kid after her but it could have no connection to GoT (though it does seem an odd coincidence)


Millie Bobby Brown was turned down for a GOT role. I guess the daughter of Cersei?

Just finished George R.R. Martin’s 1977 sf novel Dying of the Light . Very bleak, but interesting and well-written. The audiobook is read by Iain Glen, best known to Game of Thrones fans as Ser Jorah Mormont. He did a fine job.

a book is coming out soon about the making of the show. Martin did interviews for it. One thing he mentioned was some scenes were not what he wanted due to budget reasons. For example when Robert was killed on the hunt he thought the group should have been 100 people instead of just a handful on the show due to the budget. They had more money to spend after season 1 was a hit.

Huh. I remember that scene - they didn’t even show the hunt itself; just Robert and some courtiers walking through the woods, the king drinking heavily IIRC.

The book on the show is out now. Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon is the name. I believe Cersei told the King’s aide to get him drunk hoping he would be killed. Her plan worked

I read the book on the show. It was a good book. Almost everyone major did interviews for it . One exception was Charles Dance. Martin kept saying the books will be different for some scenes. I guess he still thinks he is putting them out. The author visited the sets many times during the production. They asked boat owners to move their boats for a few scenes and they think Bruce Willis jerked them around by moving his yacht and then moving it back. Nobody saw Willis so they are not sure it was him.

For scenes at King’s Landing or somewhere else?

Yes. Evidently the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn.

the final battle vs. the Night King and his army took 2 months to film , all at night. And it rained quite a bit too along with the cold .

Also in the last season 5 actors got $1 mil per episode. I would think that would be Cersei,Jamie,Tyrion, Dany and Jon Snow, After Snow died the scripts for the next season were marked LC for Lord Commander for him to hide his comeback from the dead .

Makes sense. I remember he admitted on a talk show that he got out of a speeding ticket in L.A. by confirming to the cop who’d stopped him that he’d be returning on the next season of GOT.

For Cersei fans:

One million per episode!? Their money must’ve cost more than everything else put together!

Fighting nowhere near Tarth…