Valentime's Day

No, that’s not a typo.

I was having lunch with 5 coworkers yesterday and one of them asked everyone at the table what they did the night the night before to celebrate Valentime’s Day. Another coworker also said it that way- Valentime’s Day.

At a former job, the president of the company also pronounced it that way- not Valentine’s Day, but Valentime’s. My four year old daughter says it that way too, with an ‘m’, but she’s four.

Come on, people- say it with an ‘n’, just like it’s spelled. It’s a Valentine!

This is too lame for a Pit rant, in fact it’s probably too lame for MPSIMS. Just thought I’d vent a little.

That is all.

Well, my friends warsh their clothes, whatever that is, I suppose the two are pretty similar.