Visit my Etsy Shop.

I sell little 4x4 paintings. Here is my Babyface collection:
Yeah, I’m not a very good salesperson.

That would be 4x4 inches.

Link to your shop?

Why would I do that? Only a good salesperson does things that make sense!

Fallen Face Studio.

Love it!

Just adding more pictures.

Thank you!
She answered a very, very long time later.

Almost all the fruits are gone but many of the vegetables remain. I categorized the painting of the tomato as a vegetable, even though I know it is technically a fruit. Perhaps if I had called it a fruit, it would have sold. This is why the painting of the avocado is in the fruit section as it is technically a fruit. And now you know marketing is nothing but lies.

Still found at My Etsy, Fallen Face Studio. AKA Pinkslinks.

I’m just posting here to bump you back to the front page. Closing my car sale thread bumped it to the top.

Something new I’m trying. These are even smaller 2 x 2.5 in canvases, sold together. You can get them as magnets or request the stands.

Still got those 4 x 4 inch paintings. Here are four of them, it’s a series called Bunnies.

Come by and visit my shop, even if you don’t buy anything. Just for company!

Ok, I checked out your shop, and got a couple of bunnies because damn those are some cute ass bunnies, but why the SPIDER FACE ONE!!!

That’s very un-bunny-ish and un-kitten-ish.

Also those tiny little tiny tiny tiny little tiny tiny little easels is that something you can get from a store or do you make them? And did I mention they were tiny tiny little ass tiny easels?

I have both purchased and made tiny easels. The ones in the picture were purchased. The ones I make are made with taken apart clothes pins.
ETA: Spider for Halloweeeeeen. Also-- thank you. You know, I never would have taken you for a bunny person.

You need more kittens. Many more!

It will take some time but I will see about adding more kitties.

Doesn’t everyone like bunnies? I had some as a kid.

Also I got my bunnies. They may have come in earlier but I hadn’t checked the mail in a week.

They’re great Biggirl. Thanks.

Somebody asked for more kitties --Ah, StarvingButStrong. Here are some more.
Come visit my Etsy shop.

Ah, excellent! I’ve made a note to stop by when we get a bit close to Shopping Frenzy Season. :smiley:


I’ve searched but can’t find your Etsy store. :confused:

That original link goes to some weird aggregate site. Anyway, I looked at it and got the store name, pinkslinks. If the link doesn’t work for you, type “pinkslinks” in the search bar on Etsy itself.