Visit the SDMB Zoo! (animals wanted)

bdgr is short for badger, so i’m in.

the kitty’s eyes go wide and her back arches her fur standing on end
You wanna mess with this kitty cat, dog breath?
hisses at him


I shall fulfill my role in the SDMB zoo by either A) walking off the nearest cliff as popularly believed or B) trying to swim across a river, falsely believing it to be a small pond or stream. Hey, it’s the least a lemming can do!

What’s a zoo without a cute lil’ soft rabbit? I don’t particularly like the kids petting area though… can we make an adult petting zoo?? :wink:

What’s a zoo without a Wolf? Canis Dirus reporting for duty.

Is this one of those zoos where the lurkers drive through, like a Safari Park? I say we all get rowdy, jump on their cars, and scratch the paint up. :stuck_out_tongue:

checking in:


And here we have psycats, 90 of them apparently. What the hell is a psycat anyway? Well, I suppose it’s a large purple cat, closely related to the lion. Don’t expect too much a show from them, they just like to lay out in the sun all day.

People say my user name looks like a clown face.
Need a clown for your zoo? Or is that just circuses.

Checkin’ in too :)~

::coils up in the warm sunshine::

…got any spare rats?

::msrobyn flies in and lands in a tree and waits for Wood Thrush::


Not with 90 + cats around!

Can I interest you in a nice fat toad?

Only if I can join in… :wink:

How about a common crow…?

Second wolf checking in (after Dire Wolf o’course). I don’t really exist in reality, and I like mountains with lots of snow and ice.

'Course, cheaper option: just give me a computer, and I’ll be forever content …

Oh, yeah. Pet me whenever you want. Ice Wolves don’t mind that at all.

“Pet pet pet…isn’t anyone into oral sex anymore? Squack”

:resumes licking salt:

Mockingbirds go “squack”?

Hey, T M, c’mon down and enjoy the fun! There’s ducks an’ a goose, an’ cats, an’ … lots and lots!

'Sides – who needs oral sex when fur is definitely in!!

There is only one alonicist, sulking drowsily in its terraced cave. Due to its enormous bulk and camouflage coloration, it’s not clear if this alonicist has any tail.

:jumps into a cage, adjusts its glasses:


:reads a book:


Ha ha ha! I’ve escaped from my pen! Take that, Honor system!

Poster upon a pole in the SDMB Zoo: Our beloved Totoro has gone missing, we miss him so, reward dead or alive.

Do ya need a jackass?

You know, someone with little brain power, big, strong, stubborn and hung.

If so, then imthjckaz thats fits that role.:smiley:

hmmm - decent at the petting soo, eh? I’d love to, as long as “docent” isn’t a euphemism for “pooper-scooper”…

Hey!! You kids!! You’re supposed to be petting the animals, not each other!!! Hey!! Look at me when I’m yelling at you!!!

Maybe I could just sell ice cream or something…