Was HandsomeGorilla banned because he was ugly?

Or because he wouldn’t shut up about it? I ask because I’m no prize pig, but I don’t want to get banned for it.

You so pretty

If every ugly person on the SDMB was banned, only the mods would be left.

But I thought he was handsome? :confused:

Why was he banned? I ain’t saying he was the best poster, but he did seem to add content as it were…

We’re not allowed to say why in this forum, but Miller gave a clue in his Pit thread.

He says “troll”.

The thread you linked, to me expresses the simple realistic fact that most people’s “advice” to those who aren’t getting women is worthless. Fact is, if you ain’t getting any, it may be because the deck is stacked against you and not because you just need to “talk to them more” or “be more confident”.

He had another thread about feeling nervous when talking to white people.

He was banned for being tongue-tied around white people.

If you have a question about why someone has been banned when there is no announcement, please contact a moderator. In this case, I think the answer is very obvious. This is closed.