Was he in the wrong?

Hello! Everyone helped me out with my own problem so well that I recommended this place to my friends and one of them (who is woefully computer-illiterate) wanted me to ask for him, as I understand the situation:

So, he went out to dinner with two good friends who happened to be married. He hadn’t seen them in years. Anyway, at the restaurant, their food comes and the wife grabs her husband’s plate and eats it all before digging into her own. His facial expression was described as being downtrodden and hungry.

Anyway, my friend was so in shock that he quietly continued eating and he wonders now if he was wrong for not sticking up for the husband. They’re still in town and he wants to hang out again, but he’s afraid of not knowing the typical protocol for this type of thing…

I admit, I don’t really know. Can you help?

The fuck? I can’t even imagine why this would happen! Some kind of dom/sub thing tied to food?

What are the sizes, if you will, of this couple out of curiosity?

He was wise to butt out.

What good would come from “sticking up” for the husband, of his own accord? If the husband objected and turned to the friend and asked his opinion, then fine, he should offer his honest opinion. But if the husband just sat there and didn’t say anything, then the friend should just mind his own business and be quiet. If this type of situation makes him uncomfortable, he should resolve to not hang out with them again.

Did she regurgitate the food to him once she had partially digested it?

Uh, the husband was pretty average, I take it, and the wife is my friend’s size, about 400+ lbs.

How long has your friend known Mr. Sprat?

This has got to be a joke, or a parody thread folks. This is not real.

The husband probably didn’t want his food anyway because he spotted boogers in it.

Mr. Sprat…? Um, if you mean the husband, years, but I’m not sure how many.

It’s not a joke. I wasn’t there, but he wouldn’t lie.

I don’t have any advice but dude, you’ve got some fucked up friends. Don’t you know any normal people?

That’s OK, feel free to just make something up…

HA. Sure I do, but they are not problematic, so I can’t talk about them here.

I’m fairly sure he feels quite free to do so. :slight_smile:

I haven’t made anything up; I really came to get opinions.

Your “friend” (;)) should definitely speak up. That type of abuse should not go unrebuked. In fact, Your “friend” (;)) should say something before they leave town.

I don’t know.

I used to spend every 4th Friday or so at a friend’s house. It was a gaming group of about 5 people. He’d always cook us something, and it was always amazing. He was very generous, and there’d always be plenty.

One night he made a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Then he proceeded to serve himself – he took almost all of it, leaving very little for the rest of us. When his wife called him out on it, he said “What? I’m hungry!” The rest of us had looks on our faces that said “Please sir. May I have some more?”

He was not normally so socially clueless.

I wouldn’t say he was wrong for not sticking up for the husband, but he might want to pull the guy aside at some point and politely inquire as to what was up. It might be a very simple thing.