We send a message to the aliens. What's the creepiest thing they could send back?

We are two Wild and Crazy planets wishing to visit you and your foxy women soon. Please be to have birth control devices ready for upcoming visit in nearest future!

Nitpick: The book title was “To Serve Man”.

As for the OP, the creepiest message would be,“There is baseball in Heaven and you’ll be pitching next Tuesday”

Why does It have to be creepy?
"Thank you for calling the Far’nurl’Lari Interstellar Collective! All operators are currently busy, but let us help you help us direct your call to the appropriate department!

For scientific advice, please press 1; for cultural uplift, please press 2; if you need to schedule a technical representative for a planetary service call, please press 3; for all other inquiries, please press 4."

Does human flesh go best with white wine or red …

“Trump is one of us.”

No, Goofy.

Sorry, it was just to perfect a line to let pass.
On to the topic at hand, the creepiest I can imagine is: NO

Nothing else, no explanation or anything else, just…NO

“Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

Resistance is futile.

You should know Marvin. Any family due for a visit?

“Don’t Panic.”

Incurable, uber-gruesome alien disease.

NM. Ninja’d.

“You touched my butt once and I’m calling a news conference.”

Creepiest thing they could send back? Deadly nanotech.

Glad to hear our long-term seeding program has produced a Class IV species. The first armada will arrive shortly to begin the optimisation phase. Please pre-select the 2% of humans who will be allowed to procreate (all others will be exported as protein supplements).

“Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?”


This time of year, “Would you please send a small donation”


It could hardly be any creepier than the first televised broadcasts that we beamed to them.

Almost anything involving Scientologists.