Weekly World News outdoes itself!

This week’s headline (with full-page cover “photo”) may even outdo the truck found with its engine running in outer space:

Photos the Government Doesn’t Want you to See!

The checkout line was moving slowly, so I flipped to the article. yup, they “reported” on the execution that “took place” on May 16. Past tense.

Now come on. Elvis is alive, but McVeigh is dead? I’ll believe the first one before the second, thanks.

[sub](talk about jumping the gun)[/sub]

Did they have a follow-up interview with bigfoot and Bat Boy?

I’m more interested in their story about the government covering up Bible prophecies. You know, the prophecy which says that the world will end before May 13…2000!

The really weird thing is that the bottom of the screen says that the story was published on March 27, 2001. I didn’t think that even the Weekly World News would stoop so low as to publish a story that was over a year obsolete!

I saw that when I was in Wal-Mart yesterday and three things came to mind:

  1. snort I wish!

  2. My 14 year old could have doctored a photo better in PhotoShop.

  3. I can’t believe the Wal-Marts in Oklahoma are carrying that. Talk about tasteless.

Mass media knows no tragedy, only ratings.

Outdone itself? Oh hell no! This is very mild compared to most stories.

File this under “Things Diane Should Be Embarrassed About, But Isn’t” - I LOVE this magazine!!! Of course it is outrageous bullshit and very poor photo doctoring, but that is what makes it so gosh damn funny.

I just wish the TV show was still on. :frowning:

I too love the WWN—but I have been disappointed that the famed Space Alien has lost interest in U.S. presidential politics. Notice he did not back either Gore or Bush last year? Maybe he voted for Nader . . . Is the Bat Boy old enough to vote yet?

I too was disappointed in his lack of political backing this year, but I can lay claim to the fact that I occassionally ride the elevator with a real, honest to God alien!

(Congressman Orrin Hatch/Space Alien)

Forget all this!

What I want to know is…did the Bible predict THE HOTTEST SUMMER EVER yet again? Or are we off the hook this year?


It’s not the hot summers we should fear but the KILLER STORMS that have been spotted with the face of Satan in the thunderheads!

hey, i recall the alien backing Bush last year. That makes him at 100%. why doesn’t Bush put the alien on his cabinet? He could be on the department of the exterior…