Weird in-line link behavior

So when I try to post this newspaper link

Sorry for only one line there – trying to even post that was creating problems on my end.

So, when I try to post that link as an in-line or stand-alone link, the thread crashes and I get a message that says “you were logged out” and I have to refresh and get thrown back to the forum I was browsing. When I go back to the thread I was trying to post that in, it shows up as an uncompleted draft, and it almost instantly kicks me back out and says “you were logged out.” I have to go to my drafts in my control panel and delete the draft before I’m able to browse the thread again. This originally happened to me in the Wendys French fries thread. I thought I had found a work-around by using the hyperlink function where you paste in the link and then the text you want hyperlinked to it. That worked in the Wendys French fries thread, but not here. I was able to post the OP because I was able to quickly hit “post” before it kicked me out again. I’ll link to the post in the Wendy’s French fries thread in a sec.

So, can somebody else try going to the Chicago Tribune link, cutting and pasting it in a reply on its own, and see if they experience the same behavior, or if it’s just me?

Here’s the thread I first experienced it in: Anybody tried Wendy's new french fries? - #50 by pulykamell

Link on a line by itself:

Nothing but the link above ^^^

Hmm. This is what happens to me as soon as I paste it into the box:

ChiTrib link method 1

ChiTrib link method 2

ETA: Worked for me.

And I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I’m pretty sure it’s also happened on my phone. I wonder if it could be a theme thing? Would that make sense? Let me try a different browser first.

OK … Hmmm … Seems to work from Safari, but not Chrome. So that’s one important data point. Guess we can clear cookies and see.

I was also about to suggest that maybe it’s something to do with the theme. I’m using SD Light.

ETA: Bare link worked, as well. On Chrome.

OK. Clearing cookies and restarting Chrome did not fix behavior. Let’s try SD Light.

What theme were you using?


And, no, changing to SD Light did not fix behavior. Mystery deepens.

ETA: Pasting in phone works both in Safari and Chrome. Well … let’s try restarting the computer. See you guys on the other side!

Works for me on Dark.

Looking up the issue (which seems somewhat common) on other D-boards, best guess is that you have an extension or add-on that’s not playing well with others.

If restart doesn’t work, you might want to disable your Chrome extensions and then try. If that works, then one of your extensions is the issue.

Ah hah! I found the extension! Thanks! It was one relating to newspaper paywalls.

Good catch.

Thanks. I had completely forgotten about it, but when I saw the extension list I was like … hmm … that seems a good place to start. :slight_smile:

I have one of those installed (so I can read links from here or Reddit when necessary for the discussion), so let me try it out: