Welfy's 1000th post party

I was reading through a thread and I noticed Welfy just broke 1000 posts. Not seeing a party goin’ I thought I’d start one for her. Everyone should have a post count party at 1000 posts. :slight_smile:

::Silo drags in a stereo and an assortment of beverages::

party!! woo!

Happy 1000! ::Takes a sip of coke:: Here’s to happiness in all parts of your life. {{Welfy}}

Did I hear a “Let’s play Jenga!” ?

Party on Welfy…you’re a good egg.

Happy 1000 Welfy!!
Maybe I’ll make it there…in a few years.

We love you Welfy! ((Welfy)) Lots of hugs and cuddles to ya, big sis. Congrats and best wishes for your next 1000.


Welfy you are an inspiration to newbies everywhere (well at least this one).

Hope I’m around for 2000.

Hey, Welfy, welcome to the club! Looking forward to your next 1000, and many more after that.

Got something diet? It’s sorta pointless, but I don’t like how regular pop tastes.

(No “soda vs pop” or “diet vs regular” hijacks, please. They’ve been done to death.)

Welfy, congratulations! I’m glad you’ve stuck with us and I look forward to your continued presence. You’re good people.

tosses dropzone a diet coke then offers stuff from the cooler to everyone else before taking an ice cold Corona with lime and salt

Love ya Welfy


You are the Welf of my life! If I get a coffin, will you come over? :slight_smile:

Congrats Welfy! Jeez, 1000 posts? I’ll get there (just give me another 5 years).

Now where’s my lemonade?

Merde, Welfy, I remember when you had something like 20 posts to your name -and that was after being registered for quite a while. Guess you’ve decided you like the board, eh? Can’t say I blame you… :slight_smile:

Woohoo! 1,000! You go girl!

Happy 1000th post, My favorite Welf!

This board would not be the same without you, and I would miss you something fierce!




PS…my big blue bow is getting somewhat tattered, can I have a new one for Christmas? :slight_smile:

Yay! :smiley:

Congarts Welfy!

::holds up cake with 1000 candles burning::

Quick blow them out before they set of the fire alarm!!!

You are one of my favorite posters!


Yay for you!

Congrats Welfy.
You Rock!

Congrats Welfy, and hugs to you! As others have stated, you do indeed rock!

[sup] Congratulations!!! [/sup] [sup] [sub] Congratulations!!! [/sub] [/sup] [sub] Congratulations!!! [/sub] [sup] [sub] Congratulations!!! [/sub] [/sup] [sup] Congratulations!!! [/sup] [sup] [sub] Congratulations!!! [/sub] [/sup]

I can only hope that I can someday follow in your footsteps…

FPK, while you’re at that cooler… :wink: