Well, I subscribed.

It was either spending $14.95 on membership, or eating lunch at an overpriced steakhouse, and I don’t like steak.

It looks like y’all have to put up with me for another year. :smiley:

Aaaaaand… I discovered that one of the benefits of membership is a signature block! W00T!

I’ll try my best to behave, I promise.


Tee hee. Sigh.

Welcome Subway Prophet.

Seeing as how i’m currently in a (polite) argument with you, I thought i’d better come and say welcome.

So, uh, Welcome! :slight_smile:

And the words of the Prophets are written on the subway wall…

I always hear that line when I see your handle. Welcome aboard. No worries about the Goat and Squid. I charmed them and made em pets when they tried to initiate me.

BINGO :cool:

Thanks, but, er, um.

Well this is embarassing. I totally did what the Goat and Squid told me to do. I hope no one took any pictures. Are you now telling me that it was unnecessary? :frowning:

I’ll ask them about it on our date next Friday.

Dammit, this shouldn’t happen. I’m supposed to be sane.

I’ve started looking up some of my favorite writers on the boards. Sadly, I have to name names otherwise this won’t make any sense.

I’ve come across this little gem and decided to subscribe to the thread so I can read it later. And what folder do I put it into? The only one I’ve created that makes any sense - “Funny Stories”. :eek:

I’m going to hell, but at least I’ll be giggling all the way.


Your subscription fee will be used towards the purchase of a new goat. The old goat complained that you simply ruined him for all future noviates.

Way to go, bub. You used up the goat.

Why do noobs always feel the need to announce themselves?

Look, get your butt into a thread and start agreeing or disagreeing or share cat pictures & chocolate chip cookie recipes. :mad:


Hello Subway Prophet. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Whoa, whoa, slow down here … you don’t like steak? What are you, a nazi?

Welcome, Subway Prophet.


No problem. More steak for us.

Welcome, Subway Prophet. Nice to have you.

Get out of the line! No steak for you!

Okay, it was close, but your ability to quote Seinfeld just managed to save you. Welcome.

Welcome to the Board and enjoy the stay.
I already recognize your username…—> and in a positive way. <— :cool:
You will make a great addition to the board.


Welcome – probably the best $15 you’ll spend all year.

And remember – the squid can stay out as late as it likes – but the squid has a curfew. Don’t make us have to flash the porch lights, knowwhatImean?

Dammit! I fucked up my own joke!

The goat can stay out as late as it likes … :mad:

That is okay, I think it came out funnier this way as a goofed up and corrected post. :wink:

As the Goat is allowed to stay out late, can we assume it is an Old Goat?
I always thought the Squid was one of the great old ones. :confused:

Welcome Subway Prophet. You have been noticed in a way that is not negative.
Now all we need is a Neon God.

Uh oh. Does this mean we went to the same high school? Or that we like the same music? :wink: