Well, I'm at work before the crack of dawn!

In my office, got here when it was dark, just waiting for the sun to come up.

I really like that. I’ve been working 7-3:30 for 20 years. I usually get to work at 6:30.

Leaving at 3:30 is really nice. I hate getting home in the pitch black. It’s also nice that I get home before my Wife. It makes plowing the drive easier without having to jockey another car around.

Home sick today though…

It’s dark every morning when I get to work this time of year, and dark when I get home. I don’t see my house/yard in daylight except for weekends for several months. Kinda strange.

Forgive me, but I am unfamiliar with this Dawn of whom you speak - is her crack really nice enough to cause you to report to work early? Is she aware of your fixation?

I kid. Like Procrustus, I seldom see the sun during the week this rime of year.

I’m a mother, in addition to being an author. I’ve been “at work” before the crack of dawn countless times–no commute, though.


I’m in my classroom by 6:15am every morning. Only slugabeds, slackers and the sick are still in bed at sunrise!

Here ya go…