Well, just GUESS who is going to be a dad again! G'wan! Guess!!

I’ve been holding off posting this because I was nervous.
Some of you may remember this post I made a little over three years ago.

Seems that GrizzWife will be delivering a baby girl (if we can believe the picture on the ultrasound) at the end of October.
Due date is Halloween, actually!

We tried for eight years and finally, through several IVF attempts and the steps leading up to it, we were blessed with twins; a boy and a girl.
Sadly, our daughter died three days after she was born. We were content not to go through IVF again and went about rearing our son.

Earlier this year, I returned from a road-trip to see my Mom and sister. GrizzWife surprised me with TWO positive pregnancy tests.
I was floored. Speechless.
She looked at me and said “Well?”, certainly wanting to get my reaction.
Literally, I looked at her and blinked, mouth agape, for close to a minute.
Couldn’t believe that it happened.
Who knew that you could get pregnant by having sex? Couldn’t prove it by US!

So, we’re now thirty weeks along and pulling into the final stretch.

Congratulate me! I’m gonna be a dad again!

Well done! We’ve got a 4 week old in the house now and it’s just as great as I remember it!


For some reason, the old Bloom Country strip of Opus, passed out before the wedding altar while shouting “Keep the receipt!” has just come to mind. :slight_smile:


Dang! I was gonna guess KungFuWifey!


Best wishes to the Grizzfamily! (Where is that happy dance smiley???)

Great news!!! Congrats!

What are you going to name the little princess?

Another Grizzcub? Cool beans.

Actually, GrizzCub thinks that “Princess” would be a good name for the baby.
He also thinks “Donkey” and “Shrek” would be good names, too.
Gotta have a talk with that boy.

Congratulations and good job! You better start stoking up on sleep now, so you’ve got some in the bank for the next year or so.