well, we set the date...

well, me and dax set the date for the “wedding”. We will be having the Ceremony on October 31, 2004. gotta start getting everything in order. Don’t know how this normally works, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. since there is no “Bride’s family”, we will be paying for it, so it won’t be too lavish as neither of us makes big bucks, and then we have to also get the new place to live together. but just wanted to put it out there and get some info from all you wonderful folks.


Congratulations, taz! That’s great news! I"m sorry, I missed the details along the way, can you give some background info? What type of ceremony are you looking for? Have you two discussed how many people, generally what setting, what type of reception? Are you going for outdoor, indoor, casual, dressy, religious, give us an idea of the general feel you’re looking for.

History:we met a bit over a year ago, and have just been madly in love wiht each other since first sight. not jsut physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and dare I say spiritually. I finally have felt like I found my soulmate. a couple of months ago, we got engaged, and everyone had been pestering us for a date, and I half jokingly said how about haloween so I cna remeber it easily. he liked the idea, so we agreed. we had an engagement party this past weekend, and announced the date then to the friends and family that were there.
other info:
well, we are both Pagan/Wiccan (though he is an ordained minister, of one of those online churches), so probably something outdoors for the ceremony, just hope the weather holds out for us, but we are in a southern climate, so it might be good. it would be cool if it was a full moon, and we could do it outside at night. not sure on the number of people as of yet, that is something we need to set down, soon. last year, there was a fun one at the ren faire, but as our date is after the faire is over, we need to look into something else. someone joked at the party saturday that his side would be in goth regalia, and mine owuld be in kilts. but can’t see my dad in a kilt. so I think it will be more on the casual side rather than full tux and tails and whatnot, though a part of me thinks that might be fun too.
that’s about all I can think of at the moment, but if I think of more I will post.

Yay - a wedding sniff I just love weddings! Shame I only got to have the one :wink:

We married outdoors in September 7 years ago and it was tons of fun. We skipped a lot of the traditional stuff but I think that made the day simpler and more fun.

Don’t skimp on the photos! I love the idea of renaisance weddings and you can manage one without the faire! There are some amazing places online to get supplies. You can save oodles if you know someone who can make a cake for you instead of buying one.

Be wary when making a guest list. My MIL hijacked mine to high heaven and I ended up with 3 times the guests I wanted and I knew none of these people. Most of them I have never seen again either! Lucky for me she paid for the people she forced on me!

Oh and did I say congratulations!!! :slight_smile:

I wish for you happiness. :slight_smile:

Tanookie, we got married in Sept too, inside, but had our reception outside. We did a lot of the stuff ourselves too to save $ since we’d just got out of college and were broke, broke, broke.

Congratulations! I’m afraid I have no planning advice to offer, other than to avoid having the ceremony in January. Been married twice, but I’ve never been allowed to do any of the planning.

So, will this be a handfasting ceremony, or something more “mainstream”?

Congratulations taz! You sound very happy. that’s so sweet! :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by dctaz *
I finally have felt like I found my soulmate.


The best feeling ever. Hang on and don’t let go, no matter what. **.
As for advice on the ceremony, well…hm. Spend as little as you possibly can and save the rest for the honeymoon. And make that as lavish and wonderful as you can. I highly recommend Maui. Lahaina is over rated, but Wailea is amazing. The sunsets from La Pirouse Bay are unbelievably romantic.

I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world, Taz. May your love see you through whatever life brings you.

Congratulations dear! Outdoor weddings are a lot of fun, be sure to plan an inside location just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate with you!

dctaz Best wishes! giggle

There’s a book out there called weddings for grown ups that my friend used for her wedding. I believe it’s intended as a guide for a toned down, affordable affair that doesn’t resemble of poofy ball of ivory cotton candy with roses and kitcsch.

Is samhain considered an auspicious date for nuptials?


YAY! I am soooo happy for you. I’m glad to see that someone can actually find and settle down with their soulmate and make ti work. I wish you a lifetime of peace and love and all the good things that go with having someone to share everything with.

No I don’t have much advice on weddings. I only did it once and always said I would never do it again. I do parties and catering well though so when it comes to catering and feeding people I might be of some help. Outdoor is really more beautiful I think. Where do you live? Is weather going to be a problem? How many are you planning on inviting? I don’t think i have ever been to a wiccan wedding. Tell me about the traditions and customs. Rings? Archs? candles? Anything along those lines?

Well, I’ve never been married, I can’t recall ever going to a wedding, and I’m one of those souls still in search of a mate. So I can’t offer any planning advice.

But I can wish you the best and say …
Congrats, Taz!! :smiley:

May you have many, MANY happy times together!!!

Hee hee! My ex and I were married on May 1st. Get it? May Day! :smiley:

Congratulations! My husband and I were married on Halloween last year. It was perfect. His sister’s long-term boyfriend got ordained on the internet to marry us, it was outdoors, we were all in costume, and we had beers at the ready.

Both his and my family are huge, and we knew we didn’t want a big wedding (or the cost that comes with it), so we didn’t tell anyone except one couple for each of us as witnesses. We made the announcement afterwards. No stress, no insane amounts of planning, inherently festive (both my husband and I count Halloween as our favorite holiday). I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding, and my husband thinks it’s wonderful that he can’t forget our anniversary.

Best of luck to you!

thank each and every one of you for the great advice and the wishes. white ink, I will look for that book, and see if it works for us. as to wether it will be a handfasting ceremony or not, I am not sure. Dax is much more active wiccan than I am. I am kinda lapsed :wink:

it will probably be a small ceremony, immediate family, and very close friends. we live in the metro DC area, so it is kinda moderate weather. right now, at 1230 at night, it is about 52degrees or so. not bad, brisk, but still comfortable.
not sure if the date is auspicious or not, it is jsut his favorite day, and I like anniversaries I can remeber easily. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Taz!!!
That’s terrific.
I’m thinking samhain is not Classically the day for joinings … but, I’m also a firm believer in making things into what you want them to be, regardless of the surrounding portends.
My advice about weddings … make ALL your relatives (particularly female ones, for some reason) learn the following phrase, and insist they repeat it often:
“It’s your wedding, you should have it the way you want it.”
that will help, some …

Oh dctaz!! Wyat just gave tyou the BEST piece of advice from this whole thread!!! REALLY!!!

Luck and Joy to both of you!

Thankfully I have very few women in my family, but it is good advice.

it is an unusual date, and checked the calendar, and if falls on a sunday next year, so don’t have to worry about too much in the way of work.

of course, we really need to figure out what we are going to do, and get serious on it. the other day he was taking about kilts and bagpipes. Not sure on my clan colors, and I dislike bagpipe music, sounds too funeral-ish to me.