What actor/actress plays you in your "based on true life" movie.

They are making some awesome event that happened in your life into a movie. They need to cast you and your SO. They ask for your opinion.

Physically, there are no perfect matches in Hollywood, but the closest is Ryan Howard.

In terms of personality though, Seth Green as Oz was nearly a perfect match.

As for Ms. Hermit, she would be played by Ellen Page. Her personality match is more like Willow (Alyson Hannigan), of course!

I’ve been told by a couple of people that i look a bit like Ewan McGregor. I guess i could see a small resemblance, but he’s no dead ringer. He’s about my age, so that would help a bit.

A couple of guys at my gym also told me i look like Russell Crowe, but i really don’t see that at all. I think they probably heard my Australian accent and made the connection that way, rather than from how i actually look.

Not really sure who’d play my wife.

Gabby Hayes.

That is so weird. I was thinking of posting this exact same topic just last night. We were watching a movie in which the actress who should play me was starring and I brought up this idea.

So the part of Dogzilla will be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Should she turn down the role, then Mary-Louise Parker will be offered the role.

My SO will be played by Eminem. Should Eminem be unavailable or uninterested, Brad Pitt will be offered the role, but only if he is able to convincingly dial back his enormous ego. (I know, there’s something about Eminem that seems less narcissistic to me, although I can acknowledge that he’s no slouch in the I’m The Shit attitude.)

The dogs will play themselves. I have no idea who to cast as my sister because she’s recently lost 160 pounds and there really isn’t an actress who looks like her now.

I’ve been told I look like Jennifer Jason Leigh but I think I’d rather have Sandra Bullock play the part.

Hubby: Antonio Banderas.

This guy, obviously.

(Yeah, I wish. Sadly, the reality is more like this guy.)

When I was young and fairly thin, so back in the early 90’s I used to get told I looked a lot like Nicole Kidman. You know with the light reddish blonde really curly hair, before she became incredibly thin.

I can’t think of any actresses who are young enough to play my life story who look like me.

If we cast the role for when I was a tiny little thing, I’d say Toni Collette because on one hand she cleans up really nice and on the other, she can he incredibly plain. For the spouse when he was heavier, I’d pick Pruitt Taylor Vince, as long as he keeps the goatee. That about sums us up.

For me they’d have to take the body of the guy who played Newman on Seinfeld, and shove the personalities of Dharma from Dharma and Greg, Hyde from That 70s show, and Zach from Bones to get someone close to me.

Me: Jonathan Togo from CSI: Miami (he’s more attractive, but you always cast up, right?)
My wife: either Sandra Bullock or Bridget Fonda (my wife has them beat, tbh.)

On a good day, Daphne Zuniga, AKA Princess Vespa from Spaceballs.


No actor I know of looks like me, but I’d cast Crispin Glover.

I have been told it would be Nicolas Cage… on a bad day

I seem to recall another thread like this, but couldn’t find it in a search. I’d say, physically, I’m closest to (a fat) Lou Diamond Phillips in looks (if you see him now that he’s old and starting to gray), though I have green eyes. I’d pick Johnny Depp to play me (young and fit of course), if it were my choice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Jack Black, or Vin Diesel. Both capture my essence.

If we are going for realism I’d be played by Kathy Bates. I don’t have an SO so that won’t be an issue.

On appearance alone, Stelio Savante would be perfect. His ethnic background is even almost exactly the same as mine.

Face-wise, Fred Savage is a decent match. I’ve got a bigger nose, but I’m probably in better shape than him. My wife looks a bit like Lucy Liu.

Wow. Fred Savage and Lucy Liu. Now there’s a movie.

Bill Pullman.