What are you asking for for Christmas?

I’m putting together the annual list I give to my family. I’m told I’m a hard guy to shop for, so I try to ease it for them some by passing out this want list. The list is pretty hard to make, I’ve put a few big things on there like a backpacking tent and a GPS Receiver for backpacking as well. On the smaller end of the list are things like the DVD for Blade Runner and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So how about you guys?

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I’m only asking for one thing for Christmas this year - a chainsaw.

But it looks like I’ll be getting a motorcycle instead, which is okay, but I haven’t figured out how to cut down trees with it yet.

A Samsung Blackjack. I don’t expect to get one, but that’s what I’m shooting for.

Honestly, I’m hoping to ask my family to make donations in my name to various charities we can all agree on, such as Heifer International.

I’m having something of a crisis of conscience right now, looking at the amount of consumption my husband and I are doing, just by living. On top of that, we’re looking at a move soon, and I’m hoping to get rid of stuff. I’ve moved a little over once a year for the past eight years, and I’ve been very bad about getting rid of stuff. Between my husband and I, we have way too much stuff.

All I really want is stuff to help us survive where we’re hopefully moving (winter gear, mostly) or money for a new laptop for me. However, since it’s really inappropriate to ask for money, and none of the family-types are so good at cold weather living, I’m not going to ask for such things. I’ll probably let my family know soon enough that all I want is nothing or a donation if they must do something.

For the first time in eight years, I’ll be asking for a Nintendo for Christmas.

Actually, I’m asking for a Wii as a belated Diwali gift, but I’m 24 and I don’t really ask for Christmas gifts anymore. My mother is quite insistent on Diwali gifts, though.

I have a short list.

Weird N.J. Vol. 2

HomeTech By Sonance HT308 Single Source/4-Zone Amplifier
I am using a crappy substandard Radio shack 4 zone switch instead of a real product. I wired my house with three zones so far. The Main Zone is Kitchen, Living Room, Mbr & Basement on control switch boxes I built myself. The second zone is the Family room with no volume control and outside with no volume control.

World Peace would be nice, but I am keeping my expectations realistic.

I think I am buying my wife a laptop and a nice fleecy zippered bathrobe.


Only one person buys me presents - my mother. She buys straight off the list I give her. Usualy that is comprised of mostly books.

This year I went a little farther afield. Besides books I asked for:
A 25 inch travel case
Bach and Beyond by Gabriel Montero
Pat Benetar’s greatest hits
3 dress shirts
Speakers for iPod

I have never asked for anything for Christmas in my life. Except once I remember driving on the highway with my wife and kids and we all strated talking about what we wanted for Christmas and I said I wanted comfortable underpants.

My mother insists that I never asked for anything as a child even if asked. She had to check with other parents for appropriate presents.

But if I did ask I’d ask for blonde twins with loose morals.

I’m dreaming of an Aero-garden . I’ll probably mention it to my mother today. I feel weird asking for something that over $100, but realistically, she spends that on me anyway, just usually on a number of things, not one big gift. But I don’t need a bunch of little stuff and don’t really have the room for it. Well, I don’t *need *this either, but it looks SO neat! :smiley:

That looks really cool but I have to ask - why does the don’t ask/WhyNot posting pair occur so often? Am I being stalked? By a gardener.


I never really noticed, to be honest.

But, as a gardener, I’d never stalk. I stake!

I’ve asked specifically to exclude anything I have to feed, water or dust and tried to steer our kids towards consumable gifts as well.

We recently moved and the sheer mass of useless crap we’ve accumulated over the years is a sin and a shame. I don’t want to clutter our new home with the same stuff that I feel guilty about discarding since our loved ones bought if for us.

Two books: The Michael Palin Diaries and Tricks of the Mind by Derren Brown.

That’s it really: everything else I want costs about £10,000.

Nothing really, books are always welcome I guess, but then I’ve a bit of a back log of books to read through at the moment…

Black Ceramic paring knives. They are so sharp, and they won’t oxidize fruit. I also want a kitchen timer that works. In my heart of hearts, I also want the perfect egg beater. One with the wider blades but of sturdy construction.
KellyM wants a good cleaver and lenses for her new camera.
Hubby wants a weather station, hard back books, and DVDs.
My daughter wants Lego bricks and parts to make a house. She also wants fusible beads and maps.


A new vacuum cleaner. A Roomba or a Dyson.

Money that I can allocate for book purchases.
The complete BtVS. That’s not going to happen.

Computers for the school I work at.

No, I’m not all that alteristic. Nothing worthwhile would make it through the mail here and there is nothing to buy here. So “giving” it is.

I thought I’d be setting up my new apartment in Maryland around Christmas, so my list was all stuff I’d be needing there, like dishes and towels and utensils. But then the visa process got delayed again and I have no clue what’s happening. so for Christmas, I’d just like my application to be accepted so I can move and be with my boyfriend.

Aside from that, I think I’d like to have Barenaked on a Stick. I bought the album, but this has twice as many songs. Plus I need a USB thingy anyways.

Nothing really.

I’d really like a nice digital camera, but the camera I want is a bit spendy. Other than that gift cards for Borders, comfy jammies, maybe gift cards for Macys or JCPenney.

I always feel very uncomfortable when people ask me what I want for Christmas.