What are you eagerly awaiting?

As a huge fan of the half-life series I am eagerly awaiting a trillogy in four parts…

Half Life, the original, remastered (can’t remember the name for it. It’s the original half life made to look like half life 2)

The game for which Portal was basically a proof-of-concept.

The final instalment of the half life episodes.

The ‘unofficial’ Portal Prequel - “Portal Prelude”

I am also awaiting GTA4 PC.

The latest Splinter Cell Game (the one where he’s a fugitive)
This does not have to be about computer games… What are you eagerly awaiting?

The zombie movie, Quarantine.

The season finale of Project Runway. (But NOT when said show moves to Lifetime. I’m unawaiting that.)


I hate to say this, but the new Harry Potter movie. I am bummed it was moved back.

My daughter coming home for Christmas.

The election-if only so that the bickering and nonsense stuff (aka campaigning) can end.

My Scrabble Beta partners to make their next moves so that I can win! :wink:

Narnia Movies V, VI, VII- I can make do with the PBS-BBC versions of III & IV but Ah gots to have me some Narnian Genesis & Apocalypse!

And whatever Batman movie is forthcoming.

And The Hobbit & the other mystery LOTR movie.

And 2013 (the actual year, so I don’t have to listen to any more 2012 nonsense.)

And the Rapture.

There. That’s it.

A movie adaptation of World War Z.

An Iron Man sequel.

Gatchaman, though it will almost certainly suck.

The next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Oh, and the next discworld book. Preferably one about the City Watch.

Diablo III

The elections to be over with.

A Dance With Dragons by George RR Martin

I was feeling pretty meh about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from seeing the trailer. But since I discovered that it will be a David Fincher film, I’m feeling rather hopeful.

The main movie I’m waiting for is Battle Angel, though it’s not set to release for three more years at least.

Ahh, those bozos will just claim they misinterpreted a line of Mayan and it’s actually 2024.
I’m waiting for Nation! by Pratchett which supposed to be in stores next Tuesday.

SInce 1994, I have been waiting for an upgrade to Colonization.
Mainly I have been enjoying Civilisation (now on version 4).

On September 26th, Civilisation 4 : Colonization ships. :cool:

My computer stands ready. :smiley:

Even though the thread had 9 replies when I clicked on it, I knew someone would have beaten me to this.

My first trip to New York City. I am going the last week of October and I can’t begoin to tell y’all how excited I am!!

Persona 4. In the month since I started playing 3 (after holding off for a long while because that sheer amount of “Japanese-ness” usually turns me off), I am a TOTAL convert, and that’s probably the only game through the end of this year that will be a first day buy for me.

For movies, it’s Quantum of Solace and then everything else.

Wings of Wrath, the next book by C.S. Friedman.

Iron Man 2

The Avengers movie

Any superhero movie with a substantial crossover (e.g., Spider-Man & Fan4)

Star Trek 11 or XI … whatever

All Dallas Cowboys games & their new stadium

Obama Presidency

California High Speed Rail Line

The completion of the remodel of my bathroom, living room, and basement.

Fallout 3.

My next vacation.

The arrival of my pens from Woot.com

I’m still waiting for Amazon to ship me two of them. And the cuteoverload.com calendar.:smiley:

Fallout 3

Moving to Toronto

The new U2 album

The next season of Lost
An Echo in the Bone, the next book in the Outlander series
For System of a Down to get back together and make another album (not holding my breath on that one)

Above all… graduation in May. Last graduation EVER!

LOST. Next book of the Song of Ice and Fire series. Ubercon gaming convention in October (NJ). Finishing my masters degree. Hmm.