What are you eagerly awaiting?

Season 2 of Pushing Daisies

I’ve been watching Dexter on DVD. I’m halfway through season 2 and I’ve decided to read the books, so I’m eagerly awaiting Darkly Dreaming Dexter to arrive at my door.

  • Photos of the Apollo landing sites.

There’s a probe going up in March with a camera good enough to do it. My grandfather worked on the LEMs at Grumman. So I grew up knowing that something my grampa touched is on the moon. Can’t wait to see that.

  • The next season of The Office, which is THIS WEEK!!!

LHC results (when they fix their magnets)

The new Bond flick looks like it’ll be good. Actually, somewhat depressingly, that’s the only movie I’ve heard about that I’m excited for.

I’m contemplating holding off on reading any more Ice and Fire books till he’s finished the series, since I’m starting to loose track of the characters between books and its too long to reread the whole series every time a new book is released, so I guess I’m eagerly awaiting the last of book of that series so I can read the whole thing (though at the current rate I may be dead before the last book rolls off the press)

On the plus side, I just got Anathem by Neal Stephenson, which I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a year or so.

Rancid Pansies

Animal Crossing: City Folk (and a Wii to play it on)

The Obama Administration


The film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”

At the end of this year I’ll finally be getting my driver’s license.

By the end of this academic year I’ll hopefully be accepted into the pharmacy program at UF.

The Hulk DVD.

An epiphany.

Also, The Watchmen movie.

The next volume of Blade of the Immortal, out in December.

The next seasons of Life and Pushing Daisies.

Michel Faber’s new book, The Fire Gospel, out in January.

The next Honorverse book, Storm From the Shadows, in March 09, with what may finally be a confrontation between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and Manpower Inc.

Also, the arrival of my new smartphone, which I believe is waiting in a box in my squadron’s mailroom right now.

The end of the Bush presidency.

The end of my calculus class. Which is really pathetic given that school just started.

The next book in A Song of Ice and Fire, although I doubt I’d ever have time to read, what with the calculus and all.

Metallica in Columbus
Nine Inch Nails in Columbus
Hubby and I going to see TSO here in Charleston
Going to the Quarter Horse Congress next month and going to the Freestyle Reining competition in the evening.

Slumdog Millionaire - I’m a big Danny Boyle fan and I’m also the one person that liked the third act of Sunshine. I am unbelievably excited for this movie.

Audience reaction to the new Darren Aronofsky movie The Wrestler. I saw it and am so excited for others to see it. Mickey Roarke is just phenomenal.

Halloween. The holiday, I mean, not the movie.

A Great and Terrible Beauty

For Christopher Golden’s The Lost Ones to come out in paperback

Rob Thurman’s next novel

Peur(s) du noir, sort of

George R.R. Martin - more than everything else combined.

The new seaons of *Lost *and Galactica.

Empire: Total War. As far as I’m concerned, no other game even exists.


Season 5 of Lost.

Season 2 of Night Court on DVD, finally scheduled for early next year.

Quantum of Solace.

Dead Like Me: the movie

That’s my biggie.

Watchmen. The Hobbit. The Dark Tower.

The new season of Lost. The new Stargate series.

Heroes season 3 to air in the UK.

Fallout 3 and Fable 2.