What are your Debate NIght Plans?

I am making a lobster bisque and we will crack open some wine and laugh at Sarah.

Making some popcorn, cracking a Sam’s Octoberfest and watching baseball.

Really, they’re both beyond saturation now, and within minutes of it being over, all the analysis will be underway. With replays of the good stuff.

I’ll be watching the Dodgers demolish the Cubs. I can always catch Palin’s meltdown on Youtube later.

Hmm, do I watch the VP debate with predictable party boilerplate talking points or shall I actually do something productive?

Yep, I’m going to play with the cats, slap some paint on plastic and read my GF’s working manuscript for book #4. All in all I think that this is the better choice for America.

Somebody remind me what time it’s at? I think I’m going to skip rugby practice to get some new tires on my Charger, and then have a cute ex girlfriend make me some spaghetti. She hates politics, though, so I’ll have to talk her in to it.

I’ll bring some fresh sourdough bread.

But, since we’re on opposite ends of the country, I’ll probably settle for Tivo Surprise. (Oh cool, I forgot I recorded that!)

Same here! Last night was sweet!

I’ll absolutely be watching – I’m agog to see what seam Palin blows at, and how long it takes.

Oh, food and ancilliary activities? Past dinnertime here, so maybe something snacky – and other activities will be probably farting around online or knitting, depending how closely I can stand to watch it.

My plans exactly!

9 PM eastern on every channel under the sun. It’s 570 channels and Palin on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be Tivoing the debate for my girlfriend and I’ll probably flip between that and baseball.

this is what I did the last debate.

Probably having a stiff drink (say, Crown and Coke) and making jokes. I want to see her decompose. I want Biden to tear her limb from Noah’s Ark limb, and I want to be half gone so it’s twice as funny.

((FYI, I’m in college. It’s acceptable to drink on a Thursday with reckless abandon ;)))

Raiding Karazhan on my shaman; first pull’s at 7:30 central, so I may be able to watch some of the debate while people are still gathering, but past that, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping my VCR works.

Bartending at a country club that has members that still refer to Obama as “that Muslim fella” - yeah, it’ll be great.
I’m sure we’ll have it on the big screen while I just smile and look longingly at the tip jar.

Pussy and beer!
I’ll be sitting on my couch with my cat, and a few Newcastle Brown Ales.

Corgis and laundry.

Yeah this more or less is my gist. Last night was beauteous, and I had to restrain myself because the lovely, otherwise perfect woman I call my bride is a Cub fan. Fortunately for me, a loss doesn’t make her mad, it makes her cuddly and sad. (True story and hijack) We met two days before the first Padre/Cub playoff game in '84. I sat with her during all three of the losses, and held her tenderly and consolingly. A few weeks ago she mentioned to a neighbor that she knew I was a keeper then because I was so sweet, etc… Being safely married a long time by this time, I confessed I was just trying to get laid.)

All done with the hijack.

Church choir rehearsal, which is early tonight to try to avoid too many traffic problems (the church is right next to the campus the debate is being held on and several roads are closed). Then we’re going home, with probably half the debate to go. My wife might watch the debate for the entertainment value, in which case I’ll probably go downstairs and watch baseball.

Tonight is the first night of a drawing class I teach. If I get home before it’s over I’ll watch it. Otherwise I’ll only see highlights on the news; I’m not going out of my way to look for it. I’m tired of it all already. I am, however, negged out that I’ll be missing Betty.

Well since my partner decided to flake on the evening, I’ll do what we had planned anyway - -Survivor and the Debate. I’ve told the kids that unless there’s blood, vomit or death involved, do not bother me after 8:00. I’ve given the youngling permission to watch something on tv (in his room) til 9 as long as his teeth are brushed, pj’s are on and he’s quietly in his bed by 8. The girl child is old enough to do what she needs to do - not that she necessarily does it since she’s a teenager - but she’ll be good tonight. Afterall, the weekend starts tomorrow and wouldn’t she hate to be grounded? :smiley:

I’ll be watching with my parents, my laptop, and some ice cream.