Is anyone else dreading tomorrow's Debate?

I’m really not sure where else to put this - I’m not trying to start a debate (though one may break out), I’m not really ranting about anyone.

But I’m almost afraid to watch tomorrow’s debate. Not because, as I knew would happen with the candidates’ debate, it will raise my blood pressure. Rather, I’m afraid to watch the debates for fear that one or the other of the two VP candidates will say something so horrendously embarrassing that I will want to crawl under my couch and hide from sympathy with them. Sort of the opposite of schadenfreude, I guess; I’ve seen some people call it an “embarrassment squick.”

Anyone else feel the same way? Or is this just me?

Well, I plan to at least listen, but partly out of morbid fascination (and a bit of hope that Palin will shove her foot down her throat so far she needs medical assistance). I can’t vote, but I can enjoy the show :smiley:

It’s really amazing, the way the story is now Gwen Ifill’s “bias”. That meme has just exploded in the last day. I’m guessing the behind the scenes people coaching Palin have realized what’s likely going to happen, so now there is a ready made excuse:

“The moderator was biased”

Yeah, I saw that in The Pit and was annoyed by it.

Thing is, though, my concern isn’t just about Palin; it really is about both of them. Although the percentages are probably about 25/75 Biden/Palin in my head.

Not dreading it at all. In fact, I’m pretty pissed that I can’t watch it live, because I have class. :frowning:

Which is more than we can say about…
Nah. Too easy. :smiley:

I have no class.

I wanna watch it. I seriously dread theprospect of President Palin, but I’d like to see her unleashed. From what I’ve seen of her she’s at her best when she’s allowed to be sarcastic along the lines of “That’s a fuckin’ stupid question and you know it you big douchebag!” She seems to stumble when she tries to be presidential and duplicitous. Unless the brain washers have had their luck with her in the last week her best bet is to just shoot straight and respond to double talk with an honest, “WTF did you just say? That made absolutely no sense to me nor probably to anyone else watching at home.” Biden’s ok, but I’m not sure he remembers how to do that. Could knock him right on his heels.

Plus he’s going to be very aware that he is NOT the best looking thing on the set.

I haven’t watched a VP debate since Gore/Quayle/Stockdale.

But that was the debate that decided how I voted in 1992, so I guess I’ll watch. I know so little about Palin, and all I remember about Biden is the alleged plagiarism.

No way, I am really looking forward to it. I’m a policy grad student and my classmates and I (nerds all) have been discussing it for days. Most of us are pretty liberal (including myself) and so we have been rubbing our hands in glee at the thought of Palin making an ass of herself, but there’s definitely been some amusement at the thought of Joe Biden saying something wildly inappropriate. There will be several viewing parties. Last debate I went to one on campus, but I’m wondering if off campus might be better this time round because of the university’s no-alcohol-on-campus rule. Drinking games, you know.

Heh. I made a comment that the drinking game for Obama and McCain should include one shot per “I was a POW” comment (or for noun-verb-POW) but I wouldn’t have ended up getting very drunk.

But, alas, I cannot drink at all, let alone drink enough to not care about someone else’s embarrassment.

I’m so weird.

It’s not just you. I quit watching most sitcoms because of it.

*** Ponder

I’m hoping that Palin redeems herself a bit. I can’t help it, but listening to her when she’s not scripted makes me feel bad for her and I don’t like feeling sorry for her. Godalmighty, everything she says sounds like an e-mail from Nigeria, just a mishmash of talking points. I wanna see the Palin who supposedly kicked ass when she ran for governor.

I was worried about Biden but listening to his responses to Couric tonight made me feel better about him in the debate. Maybe he rambled and his rambling was edited out, but he made sense and came off as thoughtful and controlled.

I’ve just given up on Biden winning the swimsuit competition.

Oops, my handbasket just arrived. Miss Helena is a stern mistress.

No. I know exactly what you are talking about, and I feel completely differently. I want to see what it takes to make both of them crack under pressure.

I’m looking forward to watching, but no matter what happens, certain people will claim victory (as if they’re cheering for the home team and not even considering the issues at hand).

A coworker saw the Couric interview and said that Palin “rocked it”. :frowning:

No matter how bad she does, her supporters won’t even notice. That’s what bothers me about the debate.

I agree. This is better than any reality show. This is Who will fuck up the most. Palin will screw up on a few details and smile. Biden will come across as a statesman and still manage to shoot himself in the foot at least once. High drama in television.

Count me in the camp which wishes I could watch it–I’ll be at work. Although given that if I watched it, I would need to bite my tongue anytime I wanted to say something snarky about Palin, perhaps it’s for the best.

Just to add to the reality show drama. Nobody else has noticed that Biden has more hair on his dome then he had in 1987? Really?

This should be a talking point if Joe starts getting mean.

I’ve always hated debates, no matter who I want to “win” it.

Although I can’t stand Palin, watching her interview with Couric just made me squirm in embarrassment for her. But I guess she was not embarrassed.

I saw a car down my street with a bumper sticker that said “SARAH PALIN 08.” Yep, I guess she’s dumped the maverick completely. And people love her.