What beer are you drinking????!!!

Excitement at the poll of the century:


Personally, Carlton Cold, and bloody excellent.

Blame this post on it.

I am sitting here in the office doing nothing but reading SDMB posts…not drinking beer unfortunately but dreaming about the beers I would be drinking if I had the oppor-fuckin’-tunity!!

La Guillotine
Chimay Bleue
Honey Brown???

St. Pauli Girl non~alcoholic.

Not precisely at this moment, though…It’s almost 6 am & I’m drinking coffee. (French Roast.)

Right now, nothing. Later today, Big Rock Traditional.

Tsingtao, the best beer in all of China.

I heard it comes from a German recipe that was taken to the Orient by German beermakers in centuries past.

— G. Raven

last homebrew (ESB)
Guinness Pub cans
Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Dead Guy Ale
Brimstone Stone Lager (made with red-hot stones to heat the wort)

Dominion Lager (possibly the finest lager bier made in Northern Virginia)

(BTW, the top two were bought for an Anti-Valentine’s Day party.)

Right now I’m drinking Diet Coke, but my current beer of choice is Leinenkugel’s Red lager.

My beer of coice is Leinenkugels’s Honey Wiesse (I dont know how to spell that.) I’ll drink Guinniss, but I cant drink a whole pint (hey, I’m a girl! Gimme a break). And I’ll also drink Summit Pale Ale.

I’ve been into Schiner Blonde lately. I also dig Honey Brown, Red Hook, and a well made Black & Tan.

But I’m not picky. I’ll drink just about anything. Depends on where I am, what I’m doing, and who’s with me. If it’s just me, watching TV, in for the night, hell, The Beast is fine by me.

Unibroue (hmmm. double and triple fermented beer)
Granville Island brewery stuff

but if it’s American, it’s piss…

Can you tell I’m a Canuck :slight_smile:

Guiness Pub Draught Cans
one (old) bottle of Red Stripe

None, right now, but could go for a

Rolling Rock
Erie Brewing’s Mad Anthony’s Ale

But never, Iron City

Ok, so I’m from PA

No fair. Here I am sittingat work and daydreaming about a nice cold brew.

Most commonly, I drink Pyramid Hefeweisen, but my favorites are Fat Tire, and Red Oak. I love a good un-filtered beer.

Kokanee Gold.

Great beer.

For imports I like Heiniken and Becks.

But I also drink Guinness, Harp, Fuller’s ESB, Anchor Steam Porter, end just about anything else not manufactured by either Coors or Anheiser-Busch.

That’s good stuff, all right, and local, but for true beer perfection, I grab a Pilsner Irquell imported from the Czech Republic.

I’ll have a Guinness or Kilkenny at the pub (I refuse to drink them from a can or bottle), but at home it’s Rickard’s Red or Tree Pale Ale (microbrews) for me.

Leinenkugel’s is the only beer I’ve tasted that I like.

Now, keep in mind, I don’t have lots of beer drinking experience.

Oh, woops, I forgot Guiness. I like that too.

Since I’m at work - H20 is the name of the game right now.

Right now I am drinking Diet Coke (best soft drink in the world, IMHO), but when I can, I drink bottles of Dog.

OK, that is Newcastle Brown Ale, for all you who don’t know.

If I can’t drink that, I like a good eastern european lager, or a nice cool pint of bitter :cool:

[sub]Newcastle Brown > Brown Dog > Dog. Easy[/sub] :slight_smile: