What Color is your MMP?

As I was getting dressed this morning, I was thinking about the palette of my household and my life. The walls in our house are mostly neutral pastels, with the exception of periwinkle in the middle guest room. The carpets are cream or pewter. The furniture is mostly creams or brown upholstery, except for the old rust-orange recliner, a 70s leftover from FCD’s grandmother.

My wardrobe, on the other hand, has lots of reds and pinks and blues, with a few beige/brown touches. No yellow - I’m not a fan of yellow - and I don’t think there’s any orange either. FCD’s closet is mostly blacks and grays and deep colors. He has one lime green polo, but mostly, his is a somber palette.

Today, I am in khaki pants, brown loafers, a purple top and a bright pink cardigan. What a fashionplate, I! :smiley:

Share the colors of your world! Happy Monday!!!

Of course, it’s supposed to say YOUR MMP! It’s early and I’m still adjusting to the time change. So hush!

LOL! Great OP, FCM, and I predict there will be many colorful posts today, but not from me, especially at 6:11 AM. :slight_smile: And funny you should mention colors; my wardrobe is mostly blues with some blue-green and some pink/purples. Today, however, I am wearing dark brown pants with a lighter brown shirt, which is unusual for me.

Keeping the people of Japan in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t watch the coverage any more, though. I’m hoping that the coming week will be a good one. Happy Monday all!

I’m not a fan of yellow for clothes, but I do like it on my walls. Orange belongs nowhere!

I like bright blues and pinks in my clothes and light greens on my walls. I love nautical and ocean palette.

Great op!

I’m on spring break this week. Wahoo!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis fifty degrees Amurrkin out with a promised high of 77. Gonna be a purty day!

My slacks are mostly khakis with some dark blue thrown in. I have shirts in all kinds of colors however. I even have a few Hawaiian type shirts which I like to wear but not for irk. I have lots of blue, red, yellow and even some pink in shirt colors. I do have standard grown up white shirts and even ties, which I like with a splash of color. As far as da cave goes, the walls are beige. I do have wallpaper in the kitchen that has ivy runnin’ through it in a horizontal pattern. I have a red, green and white area rug in the livin’ room and a red, green, black and tan plaid rug in the study in muted colors. I have a beige sofa and a sofa that is red, green and a sorta gold plaid. There are two recliners that are dark blue with a little red and gold stripe runnin’ through 'em. All very tasteful.

I go in a little later to irk this mornin’ cause I have a presentation to do in Camilla, Jawja later this afternoon. Tonight is also Vestry meetin’ at the church house. This is why I pretty much have tonight’s dindin of poke roast, green beans and rice mostly done. Meanin’ the roast and beans are already cooked and just need to be heated up. Rice takes no time to make and I have some rolls that are frozen and can go in the oven frozen to bake. Easy Peasy!

Now it’s time for some more caffiene and feedin’ of rumbly tumbly then irk purtification must commence.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Blurf. I hate time changes; that is all.

Oh, and because I’m so boring, most of my office garb is some variation of beige.

My slacks are khaki, my shirts are green, and the apartment walls are white. There’s a lot of red accents around, since I’m a Canes fan.

Our house is mostly pale yellow or pale green, but I didn’t pain it. The one room I have painted since I got married I did a deep garnet red. Red through purple are my favourite colours. Except maybe for magenta and teal.

My clothes are mostly black and through the purple-to-red spectrum, with some green and teal and cream.

Mr. Lissar wears almost all earth tones.

It’s morning. I hate the time change. I’m going to make breakfast.

Oh, Happy Pi Day!!!

Fixed it, because it’s gonna annoy me all week otherwise.

twicks, who hasn’t gotten dressed yet so is in a bright fuchsia fleece bathrobe.


Good morning.
I stayed home from work today. I had a headache all day yesterday, and finally got rid of it last night. Then I woke up with it again around 1:00 am, and couldn’t shake it or get back to sleep. Finally I took a codeine pill because aspirin didn’t touch it. I reset the alarm for 5:15, and dozed off around 4:00. When the alarm went off, I still had the damn headache, so I texted my boss and told him I wouldn’t be in. I went back to sleep until 8:30, and now I feel tired, sick at my stomach and wrung out.


Walls and rugs and all around me tend to be about the same as I am ------ something off-white that’s hard to describe exactly. In clothing I tend to blacks and light grays.

I’ll second Soapy’s Happy Pi Day! I even made chocolate pecan pie to bring in to work today. (We celebrated early at home and ate pie yesterday. We’ll have leftovers today. It’s easier to make desserts on the weekend than to try to get home after work and get it done. Then once it’s made, who wants to wait until the next day to eat it??)

Most of our downstairs is a nice sort of muted green. A couple walls are still the off-white (bountiful buff maybe?) that the developer painted it. One wall is a light brown. The downstairs half bath is a deep red. Our bedroom is dark green; the master bath is also a deep red, but not the same deep red as the downstairs bath. The upstairs full bath is the same light brown as the one accent wall downstairs. Confused yet? The guest room is bountiful buff or whatever.

I wear mostly jeans to work but with sweaters in almost every color. I don’t think I have any yellow, but I do have one light orange sweater that looks quite nice in the fall. I really like black sweaters, especially turtlenecks, but they’re always covered in cat hair. I stick to more neutral colors in the winter - lots of tan, gray, black, brown - and brighter colors in the spring/summer.

The tongue turned out quite well yesterday. KT slow cooked it over night and made it into tacos yesterday for lunch. If I hadn’t known what he was making, I probably would have just thought it was a pot roast type cut. Especially in tacos with other stuff on it, it really wasn’t noticeable that it was any different from any other slow cooked cut.

I forgot the theme! I have a gray and black and white and chrome kitchen, with primary color accents in the form of M&M collectibles, and red dishtowels and kitchen mitts.

My living room has pale pink walls and a burgundy rug, with a black leather couch and chair, as well as two burgundy recliners.

Dad’s rooms have sky blue walls. The rest of the house has ugly yellow walls, except for the entry and hallway, which is a light brown.

One of these days they’ll get painted…

I personally tend to blue and black and gray for my clothes. Occasionally I wear a bright top.

I’m wearing brown jeans and a green top. Most of my clothes are in the browns or greens. I have a couple of red shirts from Oldest Sister who, for some reason, thinks I can wear red. I cannot. I do anyway because I need shirts.

Happy Pi day!

Howdy Y’all! Sneakin’ in a post from irk. Just cause I can. :smiley:

Gotta get goin’. Home visit to make.

Later Y’all!

I tend to only buy blue, green or neutral colors now. When I purge any old clothes it tends to be other colors. I feel the same way about interior decorating, not that I do much of that, but I plan to stick with neutral browns and use blues or greens for accents when I do get around to it.

Usually some khaki, or bland-ish color pants, with some kind of pullover in a vaguely neutral color.

Time change this year didn’t bug me much without having any specific place to be early in the morning.

Last night I tripped over the stupid black cat in the dark again. Not on the stairs this time, and no bone shattering injuries to report. Except I think he learned some new words.

I wear mostly browns and blacks for pants and skirts, with greens and reds thrown in. My house is mostly pale warm pinkish-tan (sounds awful, but it’s really not) with a butter yellow kitchen and a green bedroom.
Son’s room is black, splatter -painted with neon colors. He and his friends did it together over Christmas. I try not to look much.