What do you name in the MMP?

Midget’s last post in the last MMP was about naming some of her stuff. So that’s today’s topic:

What of your stuff do you name? Is there a reason or “just because”?

My answer, alas, is boring. I don’t name my stuff. Not my guitar, not my car, not my nail clippers… Heck, these days, I sometimes struggle to remember the name “nail clippers”! :smack:

And, go!

Happy Moanday!

First! It’s good to be juvenile!:smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 73 Amurrkin out and well, dark, with a predicted high of 89 and mostly cloudy for the day with the usual chance of rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. We did have a rainy afternoon yestiddy. Today I shall spiff da cave. Rah. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house, thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. I shall head over early, as usual, to get things started.

I pretty much don’t name my stuff. I call truck “twuck” cause it’s a small truck. OK, I do call my 'puter a name sometimes but it’s definitely not an affectionate name. :smiley:

Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a cool 66 degrees outside, with a high of 77 today. This whole week is predicted to be fairly cool with a high of 81 and overnight lows in the 50s. Supposed to have rain today through Hump Day.
I should turn off the AC and open the windows.

I woke up before I needed to today, but I’m staying up. Usually I wake up shortly before I have to log into irk and my mornings are a rush. Today I am taking my time.

I had enough trouble naming the dog and cat, let alone naming other things around here. Unless ‘oh you little motherfucker’ counts. That is the name of every squirrel I see, every mouse in my house, and every mosquito I swat.


I don’t really name much, just pets and my sourdough starter (Jennifer). If I had two cars I probably would name them, but as I only have one, ‘the car’ is sufficient.

It’s a soggy drizzly day here, with not much planned. Shopping, possibly going to the allotment if it’s drier later, defilthifying the place a bit and catching up on stuff like booking the car in to the car vet for it’s annual test next month. 'Bout it.

Afternoon, mumpers! I am sharing weather with Nuts today. It was drizzly when I came in this morning and I am sure that, despite a brief dry interlude, it will drizzle again when I have to go out later for a presentation in a different building on campus.

Naming things? Nope, don’t bother with any of that. I have a hard enough time remembering who I am, never mind anyone or anything else. The files on my laptop have names, obviously, but they are sensible names that reflect what’s in them. If I have one called “New Folder” it’s 'cos I pressed the wrong button and didn’t mean to create it in the first place!

Two days of work, and then I am off to Hungary for a week of shenanigans!

Morning all. Clear and 75F here, but there’s a big old patch of rain in Mississippi heading right for us, so I expect it’ll get a bit damp around here in a couple of hours.

Spent yesterday putting together 10 soccer teams, picking up equipment bags and distributing them to the coaches, and probably will spend today re-organizing all the careful work I did because somebody can’t practice at the time the coaches do or really, really wants to play on the same team with their bestest friend. Not to mention coaches changing practice days and all…and I don’t even have a kid! That’s what I get for being the volunteering type…

Only things I name in the house are items that I hit with my toes in the morning, and they all get the same name, “ouch-dammit, you son-of-a-byach” (sp).

I have a pile of laundry that I need to take to the laundromat, but don’t know when/if remodel folks are coming or when the next soccer crisis will hit. So we shall see.

I name my stuffed animals. Of course Ursala Kitteh and Ariel have names. Ursala Kitty woke me in the middle of the night, doing treads on my face with her back feet. Treads is what my family calls “making biscuits” or kitty kneading. Yep, her back feet, and therefore her butt, on my face. I was not amused.

My car has a name: Sylvia. It’s silver, and my daughter came up with the name. I’m cool with it. My husband’s car sort-of has a name. It’s his second Subaru, so we call it either “New-baru” or “Two-baru.” My kids stuffed animals/dolls all have names, and I still have a collection of stuffed bunnies from my child hood that have names.

The dentist was… well, it was. I survived. I had a filling that cracked and broke off, causing the pain. The dentist removed the remaining filling, cleaned it up, and put a new filling in. I made myself a playlist of my most calming classical music to listen to. But it seems that every time there was a decrescendo in the music, there was a crescendo of the drill. I’ll have to look into something more dynamically consistent for next time. Anyway, I explained my phobia, and they were as gentle with me as they could be.

Yesterday, I took Juliet Jr. to the beach with a few of my girlfriends. One last summer excursion before school starts for her. It was perfect weather for the beach and we had a blast. I picked Romeo Jr. up from the in-laws, only to find he’s running a fever and not eating well. He woke up around 11 last night, and I heard a faint, “Mama?” Then he puked. I left for work before he was up today; I hope he’s feeling better soon and it’s just a 24-hour kind of thing.

Hungarian Shenanigans - band name? :smiley:

OK, back to work with me…

Same here. I don’t name anything that won’t respond to its name. Which pretty much means a child or a dog.

I’m always fond of shenanigans. :slight_smile:

My alto clarinet is named Minnie, after the town of Mineola in Long Island where I bought it.

N00b starting today - his name is Ryan, and he went to school with the other Ryan in our group - WV Tech. That won’t be confusing at all! One is tall, skinny, and white, the other is not as tall, not near as skinny, and not at all white. Tall, skinny, white Ryan is the son of one of the company VPs. Have I mentioned that this is a family company - not just the founder’s family, but other families (like when **FCD **still worked here.) Anyway, that’s the big excitement here today.

And that’s about all the excitement I can handle today anyway.

Doing an extra shift tonight. It was supposed to be the new guy in, who I haven’t even met yet . He’s 18yo, started just about a month ago, he’d been there a week and his elder brother got seriously injured in a car accident, so he was off work until his brother’d stabilised. He just got back last week, and today his Grandpa died, hence the not being in tonight. Poor kid, and family.

I was planning on slobbing and trying to make meringues this evening, now I have to head off to work in half an hour. Oh well.

So sleepy. I don’t know if I can make it to 5 PM. I don’t have a choice so I guess I need to take a walk or something.

**Butters **- same here. I woke just before 3 and couldn’t fall back to sleep. It’s been a 3-Diet Coke day and I’m still dragging. <yawn>

Howdy Y’all! Da cave is all defilthyfied and I am in chill mode until time to head on over to the church house. Cloudy out but so far no rain.

Juliet glad things went well at the toof doctor.

40+ years ago I had a '53 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup that I loved and named Truckus. I haven’t named anything since that I didn’t have to name. I do call the Scion Xb the ‘flying toaster’ sometimes, but that a description, not a name in my mind.

I do have names for various political figures in the news lately, but I think of them as descriptors rather than names as well.

Doggio, I think you should name your new Rio ‘Carmen Miranda’, just because. :smiley:

BBQ last night was good! also, we drank wine and listened to a live band called Billy and the Rockets. They were good.

Happy Moanday y’all!

I can think of something Grande-r; like ‘Janeiro’. :wink:

What color is it? If it’s silver, you gotta go with de la Plata. Which would probably evolve into Plata-pus, if it were me.

Getting a lot done today.

Have been outside a few times to feed the skeeters. It gets cloudy at times but still no rain.

I got my new window shades today, they were on sale at the jungle. Now to see when my son will put them up for me, and he has to do a neater job with these than he did with the temporary ones. I have a taller step ladder, now so it should be easier for him to put them up.

He was almost finished his drug class when the system crashed. I didn’t stick around for that class, so I have no idea what it was about.
Two of his classes are already available, and one professor has emphasized that they can complete the class early. In other words, get it done so I can take the second half of the semester off.