What do you think of straight girls who kiss each other...

…just for boy attention? Could you imagine two straight guys kissing while girls cheer them on?

Holy wrong forum, Batman.

Yeah, you’re not supposed to get a boner reading in G.Q.

What am I doing wrong?

Cite please.

Oddly enough, yes, I can. Especially if they thought it might get them laid by one or more of those cheering on.

On the one hand, it is a little immature and I have to roll my eyes a bit. On the other hand, c’mon, it’s two girls kissing!

Oh, Emma, I imagine this several times a day.

Turn your stove on. Wait a minute and then stick your hand on it. What does the stove feel like? Same thing.

You’re a girl who thinks about guys kissing? 0_o

You’re half-right.

I’ll just pretend this is IMHO.

As long as no straight guy expects it, and no girl is pressured into doing it for the viewing pleasure of others, I really have no legitimate grounds to object. Though I reserve the right to hate Katy Perry.

As it is, the pendulum is that way. I think women do sometimes get off on the idea of two men* but it’s not considered mainstream because of fear of male homosexuality and the ‘female gaze’ becoming as significant as the male equivalent.

*If this is surprising… welcome to the Internet?

Didn’t this come up in one of the American Pie movies?

Cite please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine it all the time . . . well, without the girls.

Yeah, I’ve reported it.

To the OP’s question, I don’t see what would be wrong with either. Of course people want to get other people’s attention, especially people of one’s preferred sex. If kissing a member of the same sex works to that end, why not?

This goes both ways, but I fear that two guys trying the same stunt would just convince the ladies that they’re gay and to not waste their time, since straight men in our society would be unlikely to kiss each other.

Your a guy who thinks about guys kissing?

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Imagine it? I’ve seen it. It was supposed to be ‘in exchange’ for seeing two girls make out, but they decided not to. Just as seeing two girls who aren’t necessarily lesbians is hot to some boys and girls, seeing two otherwise straight boys kiss is pretty hot.

A lot has been made about ‘barsexualism’ and how obnoxious it is… and it is, for the most part. Attention whorish, clichéd, usually sloppy and slightly embarrassing, gives guys the sense that real lesbians are fictional and just need a real man.

At the same time, I think some women who truly want to experiment with other women feel safer pretending it’s for a male onlooker’s enjoyment rather than their own. Even some women who do girl-on-girl are pretty nasty when confronted with actual homosexuality.

Isn’t a major part of teen/young adult sexuality all about attention-whoring? I mean, when a peacock struts around with his tail fanned out, he’s being an “attention whore,” right? Of course horny young people are going to be attention whores from time to time.