What drives a woman into "making out" or "one night stands" ?

(making out = kissing and general groping in a party with someone. Correct ? )

So what are the criteria or factors that lead a woman to thinking "Today I wanna play around"  or "I feel like having some fun no strings attached" ?  

Is it related to Fridays ? Or Party ? Or alcohol ? 

Second what men do you chose when your out for fun only ? Must they be a certain type or those that will give you less trouble later ?

A sigh,
A kiss,
A sideways glance.

Her gentleman for tea.

Actually, in all seriousness, none of the above.

It’s all explained on another thread where a poster very generously provided a useful link where all is revealed. Viz:


Alcohol. At some of my parties, it’s like clockwork. Certain person has x number of drinks, boom, they’re in a closet with someone…and we’re grownups!

Of course, these results are less than scientific.

Women only behave improperly around gentlemen suitors when they have been subjected to a faulty upbringing or exposed to evil influences, such as liquor or pinball machines. Many is the young maiden who has strayed down the path to vice due to inadequate attention to the rigid control required to maintain proper decorum and virtue.

Also, failing to sit with legs properly crossed at the knee even once can trigger an indecorous episode, ranging from giving the reverand a saucy look to letting a greasy sailor hit you doggy style in a dirty alley, bloomers around your ankles, while you repeatedly take the Lord’s name in vain.

Giraffe, that was fucking awesome!

I am duly impressed Giraffe… thou I am not a greasy sailor… :slight_smile:

Usually my Fiat Spider! :wink:

So, like most of life’s ills, we can chalk it up to pinball then?

Which goes to show if you are not a Pinball Wizard, women will always ask, Who are you?

Cue the music, or at least, the CSI opening sequence.

No virtuous lady would ever cross her “legs” (forgive my use of such vulgarity in public) in any manner, whatsoever, while sitting. The only proper and demure way for a lady to sit is with the knees together, likewise, keeping the ankles together, not letting the lower limbs go all akimbo as would happen in any sort of crossing of said lower limbs.

Then again, a proper lady’s garments would not permit such lower limb “crossing”.

Is that your Basic Instinct, Dogface?


Giraffe, that was hilarious.

Well, what are the factors that would drive a man to have a one night stand or fool around? Probably not much different than a woman’s. To have some fun and live in the moment.

I’ve asked around and I speak for all the women in my office when I say:

we do it because we want to get laid.

Cowgirl I want to know WHAT days you gals wanna “go riding” ? Why those days and not others ?

When I was single, there were days when I knew it was dangerous to leave my apartment—a mixture of hormones screaming “You’re female!”, the wretched biological clock, lonliness, and awesome good health. If I were to meet an appropriate male who gave me lustful looks and whispered sweet things, then THAT was the day! Whoopee!

Darn why did you stay in your apartment then !! :slight_smile:

What are the outward signs of this female hormone overload ?

Please tell us the great secret of the Female race, can I get you a drink???

Dude, women are not so different from men. Do you not have days when your penis cries out a little louder for attention? Granted, you probably have MORE of those days, and there are certainly more sexually conservative women than men, but it’s all about running into the right gal. Anyway, even if I’m particularly horny, there’s no way I’d sleep with a guy I wouldn’t otherwise sleep with (assuming assloads of alcohol is not a factor), so you’re not gonna wedge yourself in like that…mostly my hormones just determine how rowdy I’ll be once the deal’s sealed. The same look, whisper, smile, etc, will get me on any other night, but perhaps not as enthusiastically.

Yes–days ending in “Y”

For guys, the “right gal” is one who is breathing. And there are some sick guys out there who don’t even require THAT!

If you take your alcohol that way, I’m thinking your the gal OP wants to meet!

So what is the answer to the OP’s question(s)?

  1. How do we (guys) know we are a guy you WOULD sleep with? and
  2. If we are, how do we know if the hormones are right?

I’ll add a 3) WHAT look, whisper WHAT, and HOW to smile?

Goodness gracious, I never knew…!

Here I’ve been tupping greasy sailors in alleyways for YEARS, all unaware it was my naughty leg-crossing habit!

flutters fan to dispell blush from cheeks