What Food Makes the Worse Smelling Fart?

I didn’t think this was a serious enough thread for GQ so I let it out here. :smiley:

I just had brocolli at lunch and I have to admit it is up there for making smelly human exhaust.

Anyway what food or drinks do you think makes a fellar stink?

It’s been done.

Nut Brown Ale. Not me, personally, you understand. I’m a woman and women don’t “fart” per se. It’s kind of like the sweat thing–horses sweat, men perspire, women glow–I’m not sure what the ‘fart’ equivalent to ‘glow’ is, or even if there is an equivalent (because, as a women, I’ve never, well, you know–bodily functions and all), but if there was, Nut Brown Ale would be the culprit.

Woodstockbirdy bird,

Ok skip it. Man just when you think have an original idea.

Wildest Bill, searching the archives is always a good idea, as woodstockbirdydird already demonstrated. Also, this thread would be better suited to IMHO. And I know I’ve moved several of your threads to IMHO in the past. So, once again: all polling, asking for opinions, asking for experiences, et cetera, takes place in IMHO.

Since it’s been done, and done throroughly, I’ll lock this one.