What "Get Smart" episode am I remembering?

I’ve searched imdb and wiki, and can’t find a description of the scene I’m remembering. It may have been small enough portion of the plot that it doesn’t show up in episode capsule descriptions.

Max has been framed for theft of a large amount of money (I presume by KAOS). The evidence is overwhelming. At his trial, both sides give their summations, and the people in the audience rise as the jury leaves to confer.

The certainty of Max’s fate is comically underlined by the fact that the people have no sooner sat back down when the jury returns with a verdict.

Ring any bells?

I found it by Googling. It’s “Don’t Look Back”, season 3, episode 18. It was first released on February 10, 1968. You can find the episode online and play it.

What Wendell Wagner said. It’s on dailymotion. Jump to 10:40 or so.

Thanks Wendell. I’ve got the boxset. Good googling.

Is that the one that was a parody of “The Fugitive”?