What goes on here?

I confess I have always found the business model employed by this site to be entirely baffling. Some of the changes I’ve seen implemented leave me scratching my head in wonder, but then I don’t know the first thing about what’s involved, and the site’s still here all these years later so they gotta know something, right?

But parts of the board have long since stopped functioning. Like the search function, or the ‘view last read’ bit. And now ‘remember me’ is completely useless. It all makes navigating around the board annoyingly laborious.

It also seems to me that traffic is way down, from what is once was. Or maybe the ‘New Posts’ function has simply ceased to function correctly as well?

Perhaps, it’s just me, but the place seems to be fading away, in a fashion. Anyone else feel it too?

Works fine for me.

I suspect your cookies are corrupted. Delete them, then log on again.

I never use view last read, but I use search and remember me with no problems.

I have experienced no problems with any of those items. Like Peter Morris, I suspect the problem is on your end, elbows.

Hmmmm…so what’s a not very tech savvy user to do then? I’ve been posting here over a decade and not experienced such issues before. How and why would it suddenly get wonky only for me? Especially as I can read and post without difficulty.

With apologies, ‘delete them’, is really not sufficient information for a user such as myself. From where would I delete them? Assuming there are others, how will I know which ones?

Somewhere in your browser’s options or tools menu there’s an option to clear or delete browsing data. Make sure that it includes cookies and cache. If you google clearing cookies and the name of your browser there should be more than enough guides on the internet, otherwise post it here and someone can give you a step by step.

Deleted cookies, cleared cache and history. Hasn’t made the slightest difference.
( Ipad Mini, OS7, Safari)
Hmmm, guess I’ll have to do more research…

Now you’ve done that, try restarting the computer. It helps - sometimes.

Update your browser, too.

Have you tried from a real computer?

And after that, have you tried aloe? :smiley:

When my computer jams up, I clear the cookies by turning it upside-down and shaking it vigorously several times.

When I worked telephone customer support for a small software company, I and the other guys had one standard stock knee-jerk solution for all customer problems with our software, or their operating system software, or any software.


Never failed.

As fans of ATMB already know, I have sporadic problems with my Read/Unread posts, but that’s about it. I don’t have any of the other problems in the OP.

search works fine for me, as does “remember me” - I never log off of the SDMB.

I’m using Safari on a MacBook.

F the DISK, eh? Can you help me find the hole? :wink:

Elbows, I do website support and this is something we help a lot of our customers with every day. Apple blocks third-party cookies by default, and anytime you update your device, they revert the setting. So you need to make your device accept cookies, and make a note of this because you’ll need to do it again in the future. Or hey, call Apple because they provide pretty good tech support.

  1. Go to your device’s homescreen
  2. Click on the app called Settings
  3. Scroll down to Safari
  4. Look at the current cookie setting. It will probably say “Always (or sometimes) block cookies from third parties and advertisers.” Change this to “Never.”

No guarantees, but this is probably going to help.

That’s risky. Someone could use your open account when you weren’t looking and post about how much you love to …

Well that ought to do it!

Maybe Safari has a different definition of third party cookies than Firefox, but I have Firefox set to never accept third party cookies, and I am having no problems with SDMB (and I tell SDMB to stay logged on all the time).

According to Quantcast, unique visits to the board are up significantly in the last 3 years…not sure I believe the older years though.