What happens between a location dispute between a married couple and a small child?

Let me first say that this hasn’t happened to me in real life but I do wonder about it. Imagine that my wife’s parents have celebration scheduled fifty miles away. My daugther is less than a year old. My family has a celebration fifty miles in the opposite direction. The understanding is that me and my daughter will go to my family’s celebration. I get home to pick her up and my wife has already taken her to her familiy’s situation. What recourse do I have? What if I physically take her from one celebration to the other against my wife’s objections.

Let’s say that I was already home and I absolutely forbid my wife take my daughter from going anywhere due to a cold. My wife tries to take her anyway and I physically prevent her from taking my daughter out of the house. What would happen to me and what right does she have to do this?

If your’re to the point described in the last paragraph, you’d better have a lawyer picked out. When people start treating each other, and each other’s wishes (assuming the wishes are rational) , with utter contempt and disdain, the relationship is 90% dead. I speak from bitter experience on this issue.

In a broader sense, unless a mother is an irresponsible retard, most husbands would defer to her wishes re appropriate child care. Re visiting relatives there needs to be some quid pro quo, but again, women are generally responsible for scheduing and coordinating the vast majority of relative visits, and most husbands defer to their wives scheduling on these matters, assuiming it is fair.

This is a bit toungue in cheek, but since you live in MA Shagnasty, and since I assume (since you said your wife) you’re male (it is MA after all), you can pretty much realize that as a male, you have NO rights due to your gender. She gets to make all the decisions.

That said, I hope you’ve a wife that’s intelligent enough not to pit your kid against you, but alas, it’s all too common.

Emphasis mine. Read into it what you will. I am divorced, yet I’ve never considered our children as anything but “ours”.

Not being a lawyer (or a marriage counselor) I couldn’t say for sure, but once the argument escalates to that point, you’d have a full-fledged domestic disturbance on your hands, with allegations of assault, battery, false imprisonment and anything else a good divorce lawyer can dream up. You could comeright back and assert that your wife was endangering your child’s health. At that point the folks from the child abuse hotline probably get called in.

And not to put too fine a point on it but she’s your wife’s daughter as much as yours.

IANAL, and this is not legal advice, but a sort of similar situation happened to my sister. She took my nephew ( a baby at the time) to visit his father and grandparents, her husband pushed her out of the apt and wouldn’t give the baby back. The police were called- answer was , he has as much right as you to decide where the kid is, so my sister filed for custody the next day.

As kunilou said, by this point you’ve got a domestic disturbance. You could assert that your wife was endangering the child, but if you told the truth " she’s endangering the child by taking her out with a cold", nothing is going to happen. When I worked for CPS, that wouldn’t even have been accepted as a report- even if true, it wouldn’t constitute abuse or neglect. She has exactly as much right to take the child out as you do to keep her home , just as in any other disagreement regarding the child’s care.
BTW, the day my husband “absolutely forbids” me to do anything is they day he’d better start looking for a divorce lawyer. He can persuade me not to do it, he can ask me not to do it, or he can beg me not to do it. But I don’t need his permission.