What happens to the QAnon movement now-- do they mutate & move the goalposts, or die out?

That was a very interesting article, thanks casdave. I have a lot of empathy for Vanderbilt; I give her credit for realizing that she was wrong and admitting that’s she’s still struggling with ideas and life. She’s trying to move forward and that’s important.

I really feel for Mark, too. I can’t imagine how I’d react if a loved one went down that hole.

The article mentions that there have been no Q drops since 2020. Is that true?

My wife’s cousin fell for Q nonsense. At no point did we feel like mocking him or being angry. He’s a good kid, who is unfortunately very vulnerable to suggestion. He has a drug history (not just doing drugs, but harming himself through addiction) because he couldn’t resist peer pressure. It’s sad to see. Not everyone in the movement is a lunatic, some are just gullible and being taken advantage of.

“Now that Biden is president, they’re not sure where to go from here.”

Such folk need not worry about being rudderless. Clever conspiracy promoters are endlessly adaptable to changing scenarios, and fully capable of keeping their flocks in an endless dither* for fun and profit.

*Once in awhile you’ll hear a plaintive comment from the sheeple about the futility of being lathered up about immensely powerful conspiracies that the common folk cannot hope to thwart. Few are willing to step off the merry-go-round and go on with their lives.

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To answer the OP, the answer is mutate. The first unsuccessful attempt was to form an “America First” caucus. There will probably be many more until one of them sticks.

I wonder if they’ll think about this one

The Missus loves Jim Caviezel. She’s not going to like this:

Why start now?