What in the hell is the point of having Monster Energy Drink stickers (yes, stickerS) on your car?

Near where I live, there is a car with what might be the lamest stickers I have ever seen on it. Three different Monster Energy Drink stickers (looks like this), one large bumper sticker and a small “M” on the back and then another “M” on the front window. He also has a bumper sticker that reads: “I’ll keep my guns and my freedom, you can have your Obama.”

These are the only stickers on his car. What kind of unbelievably lame person would do this? Does he get paid by the Monster corporation to drive around with those stickers on his car? Other than that, I just don’t get why he would put them up. Is he extremely passionate about Monster energy drink? Passionate enough to put three different Monster decals on his car (a 1980s white Honda Accord that has seen far better days)?

I’ve seen the guy walking to and from his car on a few occasions. He does not look like a tool. He seems to be in his mid to late 20s and he looks like a completely normal middle-class service-industry generic white guy.

What motivates people to put shit like this on their cars?

He might very well get paid to put the stickers on his car. There are companies that pay people to “ad wrap” their cars.

It could also be that he works for the company in some fashion.

Impressing middle-schoolers?

Maybe his name starts with M and he likes their logo treatment?

Or he’s a particularly lamer gamer and plays some green monster role (Shrek gone bad??) in his game world.

People that like Monster REALLY like Monster.

It’s really no different from how much you love Hogg.

What the fuck is your problem, man? It’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything relating to that book, and here you are bringing it up for no reason whatsoever.

Relax. I was just trying to make a point.

Back when you brought that book up constantly, you thought there was nothing wrong with it because you thought it was a really great.

This guy, he thinks Monster is THE SHIT. So that’s why his car is covered in Monster. Why is that deserving of ridicule, but your love of Hogg back then wasn’t?

Ad wrapping is usually a treatment done to the whole car or to a significant part of it (e.g. the doors) done to a company standard, not just throwing a few stickers on.

On the off chance that you actually mean this analogy in earnest and are not just being deliberately cute with me, I wasn’t driving around with Hogg stickers on my car. To go around with decals advertising a specific product implies a certain level of devotion that energy drinks don’t typically attain. A better analogy would be a sticker for a band that I liked or something. But even that doesn’t really fit. Lots of people put band stickers on their vehicles. Bands, like novels, attract large followings of people who want to proclaim their love of that band. But energy drinks? I’m not seeing it.

Sounds like a low rent version ofthis.

That’s an Red Bull company car.

I dunno. I like Monster but I don’t put stickers for it on my car… or anywhere else for that matter.

I have no idea, but I’ve seen them on cars and for sale at the place I have the oil changed. Weird. We generally get a significant cross-section of Dopers, so I would have assumed there’d be somewhat of an informed answer. Ultra-niche? Only popular with the under-13 crowd (i.e., can’t register to post, but they can put stickers on their older siblings’ cars)?

You would be wrong. Observe: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.86648330826.81128.11768835826

I still fail to see how that is so much worse than constantly mentioning a book that was usually only tengentially related to whatever the discussion at hand was.

I’ve seen plenty of cars and trucks stickered up with Monster, or the claw-shred green M. So stupid. Why do you want the world at large to know Monster brand energy drink is your preferred carbonated, caffeinated sugar water beverage?

Maybe he is XTREME! He’s RADICAL! He’s a Man of Action!:rolleyes:

Poking around it looks like they sponsor a few riders (BMX?). Maybe that has something to do with it. Marketing genius–I bet the folks at Mountain Dew are jealous.

ETA: here’s their sponsorshippage. I’m not signing up for an account, but it looks like they have promotions for both sponsored athletes and members of the “Monster Army.”

Dude, what’s with the baiting?

First of all, almost all of those pictures are of extreme sports people SPONSORED by Monster drink. If you are trying to prove some point, you have not done so with that link. I am talking about a totally random guy with Monster stickers on his shitbox car, not some dirtbike or monster truck racers or whatever who wear the Monster symbol on their gear because the Monster company is sponsoring them.

Second of all, please, please drop the Hogg shit. I don’t see how it has any relevance to my question at all. Again, bringing things up in text form on a message board discussion is totally, totally different from displaying a sticker for something on your car…if you really can’t understand the difference, I don’t know what else to say, other than that I hope some people other than you will post here with their thoughts.

Yeah, I was being facetious. Google “Coca-Cola” or “Nike” tattoos and you get loads of examples. Brands resonate with some people to a huge degree.

I would go with the paid-to-energy-drink-logo theory except that it’s an older car, plus there are politically charged other stickers, which most companies wouldn’t want associated with their product. This leave energy drink enthusiast, odd as that may be.

Ask him if he has a tattoo.

I don’t see why it’s weird to put stickers of things you like on something you own. I see putting <probably free> stickers on your car about your beverage choice to be right up there with band choice: people who also like it will go ‘cool’, people who don’t like it will go ‘So what?’

It’s not complicated.

I personally don’t care to put any stickers advertising ANYthing on my cars, but that’s me, so maybe I think it’s all just generically shruggable.
ETA: I request that the original poster go ask the guy himself, and give us the answer. If it was worth a thread, it was worth getting the answer from the horse’s mouth!