What in the hell is the point of having Monster Energy Drink stickers (yes, stickerS) on your car?

OK, now we are getting somewhere, thank God. Tattoos are a good analogy. Why would someone get a tattoo of a corporate brand name of an energy drink?

Even a Nike tattoo I can somewhat understand, if the person in question is an athlete who has sworn by Nike products his whole life. I’ve known people with tattoos of car/motorcycle company logos and of the Beretta symbol, so this makes sense, as these are products that people are fiercely loyal to. But why be loyal to Monster energy drink? Where does that devotion come from?

They enjoy the energy drink the way the other people enjoy the other products.

Also, it makes you part of a fandom, and if you don’t have much else to identify with, it might seem like a good idea.

Maybe not devotion per se, but communicating to others in the know (horrible turn of phrase, but that’s the best I have) that they’re into the same thing. I have a subtle Steal Your Face on the car. While it’s a band logo (and surreally close to the ‘Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac’ line) and not quite in line with the energy drink, it instantly connects with people who recognize it. Two people into the same subset of extreme sports are going to have an almost immediate measure of shared comprehension based just on that sticker.

Assuming, of course, that the idea that it represents being into the sponsored sports more than a love of late-night studying or raves.

I have an Atmos sticker on my car. This is so impossibly geeky I never expect anyone to get it.

Now that is awesome. I recognized the name immediately, but doubt I would have picked up on the logo.

What baiting? It’s a legitimate question. There is way too much “Why is that dude doing this totally insane thing?” on this board where the totally insane thing is putting stickers on a car or [insert totally NOT insane thing here].

I say this with much love, but this board is full of some truly deranged people. They say no problem with dressing up cat ears or walking around in a kilt or putting a Doctor Who bumper sticker on their car. But the second that sticker is of a sports team or an energy drink, it is the end of the fucking world.

Also, look at this link again: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.86648330826.81128.11768835826

I know guys like that (specifically of the Monster-loving sort). Yes, I’m sure some of them are sponsored. But most of them aren’t. They’re doing it because they love the drink. Just like I’d bet a good number of nerdy IT guys on this very board have “Fueled by Bawls” stickers somewhere in their house.

Shit, now I want some Bawls. Damn you Argent Towers!

The ones that bug me are political ones months or even years after an election’s already been held. I swear, I still sometimes see Kerry/Edwards stickers on occasion.

Why do people collect Coke merchandise? Why do people pay for a shirt that advertises “Skin Industries?” Because 1) they like it and 2) they are idiots.


Some people like their drinks, and don’t care what you think. For instance, I doubt CM Punk really gives a damn what people think of his Pepsi tattoo.

Yes, there are certain people who will buy a t-shirt with a corporate logo on it and certain people who won’t.
I remember Paul Fussell putting forward the idea that low-class people are more likely to do this because identifying with a successful company like Coca Cola makes them feel like they’re successful too.

I would not be surprised though if this guy just happened to be at a bar one night when someone was passing out these stickers and he slapped them on his car without giving it as much thought as we are.

This. Stickers handed out, guy goes “Where can I put this?”. Car. Done.

It could have been one night at a bar, it could be he’s a closet XTREME SPORTS fan and they were giving them out at a Monster-Sponsored event, and his favourite boarder is a Monster shill, so he thinks it’s cool for that reason.

Maybe they’ve been on his car for a long time…either from someone else or from when he was young and stupid. Example: When I got my first car at age 17, I was WAY into South Park. I got stickers of each of the 4 main characters and put them all on my bumper. After a while, I forgot they were there. Every once in a while someone would make a comment about them, but it wasn’t really a big deal. Would I put something like that on my car now? No way.

hehe. This generated a humorous vision in my head of you cruising around town with a Hogg sticker on your Subaru.

Don’t be silly. That belongs on a Harley.

I have a Saab, not a Subaru.

In any case, the only vehicle worthy of a Hogg sticker is an old, dirty semi tractor with a sleeper, since this is what Hogg drives.

Yet another thread win for runner pat! :smiley:

Kinda what I was thinking. I buy Rockstar energy drink by the case at Costco, and each case comes with a yellow Rockstar Sticker. I have a big pile of them. They’re stickers. They need to be stuck! In my case, I’ve put a couple on my bass guitar’s hardshell case.

Step 1: Hire incredibly attractive women to do marketing for your company and associate your product with cool/extreme/pop culture relevant activities (e.g. gaming, X-games, porn, nerdy/sci-fi TV and movies)

Step 2: Have these hot women at events associated with these activities where this guy was hanging out and flirt with him while handing him the ‘limited edition’ sticker for his car.

Step 3: Guy thinks “maybe if I shill for this company by putting this sticker on my car, this hot babe will show more interest in me!”

I think it’s the same logic as why guys give strippers tips at a strip bar when they know she’s not going home with them. They give him attention. If he puts the sticker on his car, he probably gets attention from them too, and it allows him to indirectly associate himself with the cool/extreme/ pop culture thing he’s into.

One major shill for Monster is Rob Dyrdek who has had 2 wildly successful MTV shows (one still running) and he wears Monster stuff a lot.

But honestly it may just be as simple as “I got some free stickers lemme put em on my car cause they’re kinda cool looking” when other people would have said “I got some free stickers I am going to throw/give them away cause I don’t want that shit on my car.”

AMP tastes better than Monster, IMO…but none of them ever make me feel less tired.