What in the hell is the point of having Monster Energy Drink stickers (yes, stickerS) on your car?

My boyfriend has several friends who have these stickers, and I just asked him. He says that it’s all about motocross for these men and women. He asked them WTF??? when the stickers showed up a few years ago and that was the response. They all ride for fun and follow the pro version of the sport. For the most part their stickers are extras from decal kits for the bikes, but also it’s solidarity with their favorite riders and “thanks” to Monster for being pretty much the only major sponsor for a sport they like. Most of them don’t even drink the product. Makes sense to me in those terms I guess.

You mean they aren’t pull-tabs…?

AMP is my favorite, but I drink RockStar because that’s what Costco carries, and considering the way I go through energy drinks, the big price break (~80 cents/can) more than offsets the difference in flavor preference.

Never really cared for Monster. It tastes to me like liquid SweeTarts, and has that same “fuzzy” quality about it that Canadian blended whiskys have, that I don’t care for.

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I was in the Yamaha place a couple weeks ago picking up a part and saw Monster t-shirts for $45! I wondered at the time what idiot would pay $45 for the privilege of advertising an energy drink.

So, thanks for starting this thread. I now understand the BMX/Monster connection. However, I still think anyone who pays $45 for any t-shirt has hit the pavement head first a few times.

Hehe, I saw some gym bag for over 200 bucks at Costco yesterday; couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was special about it.

Nothing, as it turns out. It’s a Tumi bag, though, and apparantly the same bag is 350.00 on their site, so…guess it was a steal! O.o


Maybe you answered it yourself.

Seen better days? Perhaps the stickers are holding the car together or covering up rust holes and the like. I’ve seen in other cases of dying/dead cars.

Love Rockstar, hate Monster, but Kawasaki has some pretty spiffy looking Monster-logo’d motorcycles

Yeah, I’ll go with free stickers at a cool event, at least that’s why I did it. I drink rockstar or monster, whatever’s on sale that week, but I think it looks cool with my other 2 stickers in the corner of the side window (one from Snowbird Utah and another from Senor Frogs in Playa) which means I could not possibly give a less of a damn what anybody thinks about it.

Although I WILL say that I’d never BUY something (other than the drink) with a logo on it, save of course. for My Cubbies.

It’s probably the same people who Like Coca Cola to the point of obsession.

Met someone who collected Coke teddy bears. Had over 100 of them. It was a mid 50’s biker looking dude. It’s was a little odd, but harmless.

I bought a can of Monster last night and drank it this morning. It tasted like absolute shit. I don’t know how anyone could be enthusiastic in any way about this disgusting, wretched, vile drink. It tastes roughly like a doubly-sweet Mountain Dew mixed with concentrated extract of “bubblegum” flavor. And the carbonation doesn’t distract from the awful taste, it only makes it worse. I could barely gulp down a third of the can before giving up. How disgusting!

I don’t know what kind of savages can tolerate this shit. When I’m in need of energy, I grab a 5-Hour Energy thing, or one of the “organic” variants that they sell at Kroger. I’d rather choke down a tiny bottle of bad tasting overly sweet liquid than have to chug a gigantic can, like the one Monster comes in.


Back in the late 80’s early 90’s it was a Fox Racing sticker in the window as nod to fellow MX’ers. But when that blew up and went viral in the late 90’s and 2000’s you had everybody and anybody wearing Fox gear and sporting stickers on their grocery getter. I see a lot of guys I ride with going with the clawed “M” logo. If I see it, I assume the driver of the vehicle either rides or is a fan.

To me the Monster stuff is just too well known to be much of a symbol of solidarity. Everybody knows the logo, even if they don’t know why you have it on your window. Just asking for confusion. I have been running this Alpinestars and this Vortex Sprockets sticker in the back window for a long time. People who aren’t in to roadracing or motocross don’t know and don’t care.

Here’s the real answer to your question Argent:

1.) You are incredibly angry at someone for having interests no different than you have interests. The guy who pointed out your love of Hoggs (I will assume not the sexual type) was correct. You need to be less judgmental and let people have interests other than the ones you deem appropriate.

2.) You very likely have far more of a problem with the “I’ll keep my guns… you keep Obama” bumper sticker from your original post. Again, people have differing opinions, stop trying to rule the world man. I voted for Obama and yes, he is a huge disappointment, we all know that, we can all live with that, mistakes are made, I made one, it’s no big deal. I have my principles and I mistakenly thought he did too. I will not change what I think is right because a random man did not fight for them. My guess is that this item number will steam you the most because it was the REAL original purpose of your post.

3.) You swear a lot. That reveals something about you. You need to calm down and stop being so angry and irrational. Maybe this guy cut you off sometime? Maybe you envy his car? Maybe you hate the Coca-Cola company? Maybe you hate the car owner’s hair, clothes, skin color, girlfriend, boyfriend, gender? I am not sure but you deserve ridicule on this board until you learn to calm down. Laugh at yourself once in a while so that people do not need to bring you down to Earth like everyone has been doing here.

Until then, go buy some drink you actually enjoy and stop worrying about other people’s lifestyles man.

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