What is xenophon41 talking about?

In reference to this thread in MPSIMS xeno says:

First, don’t bother clicking on his link, it’s a dead link.
Second, xeno when the hell have I followed you around? I made some remarks to you in that thread, and that’s the only time I ever remember seeing your name. How about some links? I don’t ever remember following you around, let me see where I did this. I can only imagine you mean more than that one thread.

And I never realized I had minions. Who the hell are my minions? If I have any, do they count as dependants? Can I claim them as such when I do taxes next year? They’re not gonna show up at my door next week wanting their paychecks are they?

And you want us to respond to you instead of answering you? What does that mean when it’s at home? You want us to see your posts and bow and say, “Oh, yes, wise one, we now see the error of our ways! Thank you ever so much for setting me down the correct path.” Guess what, little boy, I did respond to your post (I couldn’t have answered since you hadn’t asked anything), you didn’t like my response and got pissy. You want to act like a spoiled four year old, do it somewhere else. My post responded about you posting in a thread just to put it down without anything constructive to add and I’ll say it to anyone else also - if you don’t like the thread, if it isn’t blatantly repulsive or offensive - leave the thread. You are not compelled to post there, but I don’t see why you deserve to piss on everyone else having a harmless little fun just because you don’t agree with it.

And I have no idea what’s going on with you and the mods, but I don’t see why you should include it on an apparent attack against me. I haven’t been able to find any of your
‘explanations’ in the other forums you mentioned. How about a link or two? What the hell are you talking about? Are we supposed to believe manny is in cahoots with “THE MAN” to keep you from posting in GQ? Have you forgotten to take your medication today or what? Is this what the voices in your pointy little head are telling you? I don’t know what the hell you’re on xeno, but you need to shell out more money to buy some better shit, cuz the shit you’re smoking now is getting you way too paranoid.

And as for that last line with the dead link: If we all hate you, do you think we give a fat rat’s ass if you tell us you’re leaving? Bye, little boy, have fun posting on the teeny-bopper boards.

Can I be one of your minions?!!! please please please???

Bratman, did you not notice the thread it was in? It was in “What ticks you off”. Remember, we were all giving examples of trends we see on the boards that we don’t like? Xenophone was parodying trolls. Surely you recgonize that. I can think of at least 4 trolls that would write something like Xenophobe’s message. Remember the whole Jally fiasco yesterday?
I think you need to chill. Either that, or you are taking that Pet Peeves thread a lil too far, and crossing over into the Pit. But I don’t think that’s what you are doing.

If xenophon was parodying trolls, then he has my apologies. But in my first response to his post, I asked if he has playing or if he meant what he said. If he’s playing with me, he can at least let me in on the joke instead of what I saw: which was an unfounded, incoherent attack.

If he shows up and explains that’s what he was doing, then I will apologize sincerely and ask that this thread be closed.

And in regards to the suggestion that I lighten up, I’ve been through a hell of a week, with my parents splitting up and the problems I’ve had with my GF and other things going on that I haven’t posted here. Forgive me if I’m a little edgy.

Lets look at the evidence.

Sounds like Jally to me .

Sounds like something from the drainthelizard V’s Coldfire thread.

That really sounds like Jally. Also from a search I can only find one post by xenophon41 in ATMB was to a *Master List redux * thread and none to Comments on Mailbag .

I’d say he was just pulling your leg.

I could be wrong but …

Brat, I really just took that post to be an example of disliked post styles. I don’t think he directed it to you personally.

Aw, Bratman, my sweet little puppy angel, come sit over here on the couch and Mommy will explain the grownup joke to you, 'kay?

Xeno was totally kidding, okay? See, the OP said, “Post in the style that drives you crazy”, so Xeno was posting like all the trolls and sock puppets and general clueless wonders, with meaningless obtuse links and complaints that nobody ever understands him. Then when you didn’t get the first joke, he made ANOTHER joke out of his response to you, then when you didn’t get the second joke, he got mad. And no wonder–he didn’t know there were any sweet puppy angels in the thread, he thought it was just grownups.

Next time we won’t go into any more of those grownup joke threads, we’ll just stick to Disney and Barney, okay? Now you can have a can of pop from downstairs and then why don’t you go do Playstation for a while or something.

And I’m truly sorry you had a hell of a week, but don’t take it out on us, okay?

I’m pretty sure he already has. In his first response to you he wrote:

In other words, the pet peeves thread is an “inductive argument”, and xenophon was purposely misapplying the rules of deductive logic (in his first post) as an example of a post he doesn’t care for. I believe you misunderstood this reply, as you then asked:

So I assume you thought xenophon meant that poogas was misapplying the rules of deductive logic in his OP, and I’m fairly sure that is not what xenophon meant.

Um, Bratman are you serious?

If it isn’t a joke, then let me clear something up for you: I was employing a couple of little known techniques called Humor and Irony.

See, here’s how it went – [list=a][li]The OP called for us to post in a style which we personally despise[]One of my pet peeves is seeing persuasive or entertaining posts (or selected statements out of those posts) shredded on “logical” grounds, so[]I posted as if I were one of the boneheads who do {B} (above), then[]You asked me if I were being ironic or serious, so I then[]Explained {B} (above) to which[]You responded with what I thought was a heavy handed but quite clever pastiche of a thread hijack, therefore[]I got into the humor of it and posted in the style of various trolls and idiots, as yojimbo and pepperlandgirl just pointed out[/list=a][/li]
I hope that explains it for you, as I’d hate to get into a real flame war with someone who’s “a little edgy.”

My advice? Do that, and stay out of humorous threads until you’re a bit less sarcasm impaired.

C’mon Boo Boo, lighten up. I too once made the mistake of taking one of his posts seriously when it was just a joke. Sometimes his parody is so well-crafted that you don’t realize at first that he’s playing around.

OTOH, I think his response to the thread in question was rather obvious. He was kidding. C’mon, where’s your sense of humor?

Ok, you guys were right.

Xenophon, I apologize, I misunderstood.

You may all proceed with flaming the living hell out of me for being an ass. In fact I apologize to everyone. I know that “feeling edgy” is not an excuse for my overreaction, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I have had a hell of a week and no where to vent my frustration. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly.

Apology gladly accepted. I hope things start going better for you.

Thank you, xeno.

But just to even things out, don’t you want to call me a hot-headed childish pig felcher or something? I won’t get mad this time, I promise.

Nope! My early Roman Catholic upbringing has made me a Master of Guiltmongering. I’m quite capable of withholding my angry remarks just to prolong your self-flagellation.

<xeno walks away rubbing his hands together and chortling in a sinister manner>
<…sounds of sinister chortling…>

“There are, however, certain rather thick personages who require advance notice if they are to recognize a joke when they see one. In polite society it is customary when in the presence of these personages to signal the onset of a joke by means of some subtle stratagem, such as a gong, large firecracker, or air-raid siren.”

  • Cecil Adams