What is your favorite Simpsons Halloween segment?

I’m casting my vote for the Forbidden Donut episode 'cause I’m a huge fan of Stephen Vincent Benet’s “The Devil and Dan’l Webster.” Also, having Flanders as the embodiment of the Lord of the Underworld (“Hey, Bart.” “Hey.”) is delightful.

John Corrado already quoted the best line in the episode (spoken by Richard Nixon) about four posts up (curse you, John Corrado!).

Another vote for the …Daniel Webster/forbidden donut story. But I did like the takeoff on the 1996 presidential election too.

Marge: Sorry, it’s the only chair we’ve got left.

Bluebeard: Arrgh. This chair be high, says I.


Bluebeard: It appears to be some kind of tray-sure map.

Benedict Arnold: No it’s not, you idiot. you can’t read!

Bluebeard: Ay. Me debauchery was me way of compensatin’.

[Flanders] It’s always the one you least expect, Homer [/Flanders]

Man alive Ike, we do need to have a serious drinking session sometime. The above exchange is my all time favorite toss off in just about any Simpsons episode ever. I actually meant to put it in my posting, but didn’t.

Concert director: Ok people, who ordered an orchestra? Possibly while stoned…Cyprus Hill, I’m looking at you!

Ok, it’s not a Halloween episode…but it was SO DAMN FUNNI!!!:):smiley:

Love to. We can bash Bush while we’re at it. You seem to be on the incorrect side of the continent, however.

Smithers: I’ve always said women and sea men don’t mix.
Burns: We know what you think.

Sorry, coudn’t resist. From the King Kong spoof.

One of the better ones was the one where the aliens ran for president:

Clinton: “We must move forwards, not backwards, UPWARDS, not forwards, and forever twirling, TWIRLING towards freedom!”

But the best one had to be the Toaster Time-travel one. Since most of the good quotes have already been said, I’ll put a few that haven’t…

(Homer walks out of the basement and sees everything normal, with Maggie in the middle of the floor)
Maggie (in a James Earl Jones voice): “This is, indeed, a disturbing universe.”

Homer: “Mustn’t crush, mustn’t kill…made it!” (SQUISH) “Oh…I wish, I wish I hadn’t killed that fish…”

I think the sight of a nuclear missle with the “Intel Inside” logo on it is one of the best sight gags in the Simpsons.

That said, I find the Halloween episodes a bit weak. I prefer the normal episodes.

From “Fly vs. Fly”, when Homer is buying the matter transporter:

PROFESSOR FRINK: “Sold! But I must warn you this device carries a FRIGHTENINGLY high risk of CATASTROPHIC-”
HOMER: “I SAID I’ll take it!”

Some others…

HOMER: “Take that Washington! [BAM!] Eat lead Einstein! [BAM!] Show’s over Shakespeare!”
BURNS: “Nice work, Smithers. When we get back, I’m giving you a raise!” [CHOMP] “Oh, well.”

Also, Corrado, the quote went like this:

FLANDERS: “…Lizzy Borden, Richard Nixon!”
NIXON: “But I’m not dead yet! In fact, I just wrote and article for Redbook.”
FLANDERS: “Listen, I did a favor for you!”
NIXON: “Yes, master.”

Yes, I’ve seen these episodes so many times I know’em word-for-word

I like the line before that too:

Homer: Hmmm. Two dollars? And it only transports matter?

Yet more proof that the Simpson’s is the greatest TV show ever, hands down.

Homer: “Stupid bug, you! go! squish! now!” and then he starts housing all the bugs…

I’m not sure why that strikes me as so funny but it is one of my favorite moments on the show.