What other Straight Doper would you like to be?

What other Straight Doper person might you like to be?

I would like to be Monfort, cuz I like the way he talks (But he seems to have slowed down in that area since he bought that ticket) so I’d have a prepaid ticket to see Anniz! Since she hasn’t seen him, maybe she would think i was him?

Or perhaps London_Doper so I could be on Grange street in London at the pub with my best friend & interpreter.

tomndebb, so that all my posts would be lucid, relevant, and intelligent.

iampunha, for then i would have the manliest chest on the internet.

and then there’s the ravishing mane.

ssskuggiii because she is a better flirt than me and a more eloquent poster with far more admirers.

Well, I wanna be that ultra-sexy, ultra-smart, ultra-charismatic hunk o’ man, SPOOFE Bo Diddly.

Who said I had more admirers?

Uhm, well, being sk8rix tx woudl be kinda fun. I’d get to see what life is like inside a teenaged boy’s body. And I’d probably see wood more often than I do now. :wink:

Kilgore Trout, I am so not going to be your E-Bitch anymore. :wink:

As for the OP, I kind of like being myself.

Even though I do like myself, I want to be Eve when I grow up. She’s brilliant, lovely, and with a sense of style I probably could never attain.

I would like to be Concrete, so that I could experience what it is like to be a complete and total jackass with no life, and a festering pile of feces for a brain.

Mr. Cynical, pal, I really think, if you’re going to have to deal with it at all, remote sampling beats living the experience.

I’m ashamed of all of you. I want to be Cecil. And you all should, too.

Swiddles, what vile blasphemy! Repent or we shall be forced to stone you!

Someone get the comfy chair!

I would want to be Dire Wolf, just because he has the greatest name and he’s really poetic when it comes to pillow fights and lots and lots of chocolate stuff.


I just wanna be me, because if I’m not, nobody else would.

I’m sorry, did I type that out loud.

What’s with the descrimination? Why can’t someone want to be a GAY Doper, for crying out loud? BIGOTS!

<thinks for a second>

Oh… um… carry on.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind being andygirl. I’d still like girls, and I’d be a lot younger.

Uh, that’d be Satan. Or, maybe Coldfire.

Nah, cause then I could kill myself, and be regaled as the Board Martyr.