What song actually makes you shout NO! and change the station?

The only time I will ever switch off a song by the Ventures is when it is one of their Christmas instrumentals. I can’t think of a single Christmas season in the last 50 years where I have avoided hearing “Sleigh Ride”.

Let me join the hate club. The very first time I heard it, back in 1985(?), I made it as far as the first chorus just out of stunned disbelief before giving it the “oh, come the f*** on” heave-ho.

Twisted Sisters Oh Come All Ye Faithful is wonderful. As for God Bless The u.s.a. It makes tear up every time and almost buy the crap about how we have to save America from the socialists.

“Nine to Five” by Dolly Parton. Bleah! :nauseated_face:

Actually, any song by Dolly Parton, even if it’s sung by someone else. Like “I Will Always Love You,” f’rinstance. Yeccch! :face_vomiting:

I’ve never understood the love for her voice. It really grates on my ears unless she’s singing with others.

We park our cars in the same garage. :+1:

“You’re Beautiful” and “Nine Million Bicycles in Beijing” also make me want to vomit.

So does “Sleigh Ride” at Christmastime (or any other time of the year, for that matter).

I’m partial for Hark! The herald angels sing by Bad Religion:

I hate Driving home for Christmas by Chris Rea with a vengeance, though.

I had actually blocked those from memory :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Another pukeworthy IMO: Michael Bolton

Funny, I tear up because it wasn’t Lee Hazelwood taking care of this number, in that particular way that only he’d know how.

I refuse to listen to 'I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas".

Anything by the Beach Boys. Never could stand them.

And when I hear the first chord of the Kars4Kids jingle, I turn the radio off. If there are elevators in hell, that jingle is going to play nonstop on the speakers.

Oh, God! How could I have forgotten David Soul’s “Don’t Give Up On Us, Baby”?!? :angry:

Which just came on the oldies channel I was listening to. Damned right I turned down the volume, just as fast as I could!


I had a former co-worker that listened to that shit all damn day. Yechhhh!

Sondra Prill!!

Omigosh, that takes me back to Art Club Field Trips (were you on the bus with us, Slithy?). One of the teachers put together DVDs of quirky/uncomfortable “comedy” bits… and Sondra Prill won the “so bad it’s funny” category, and soon became th most-requested legend-in-her-own-mind.

And a couple of us actually joined her fan club (we had to write to her manager, none of this “put your name on them interwebs”).

She really does believe in her own talent, so minor tasks like staying on the beat or, god forbid, staying in tune are far below her level of stardom. Try some Sondra. I dare you.

OMFG!! Did she ever get any airtime on an actual radio station?

God, I hope not… an art teacher caught her “act” on a Tampa Local-Access-Only TV station that allows anyone to send in a VHS tape of themselves (I think of the station that ran Wayne’s World).

Wiki says she had a local “show” (called MY Show!) that ran from '87 to '92…

and her inconsistent, off-tone singing of popular 1980s hits earned her a moderate degree of internet celebrity in the 2000s…

Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks singing. I cannot stand her voice

Jeepers, thanks for planting that earworm!

I remember when “Mull of Kintyre” hit #1 in pretty much every country on earth that keeps a chart EXCEPT for the United States, and when I finally heard it, immediately knew why.