What surreal freakin' conversation

Jase: Sometimes, being good looking, like, it’s kind of a curse, some things.

Holly: Like, people just judge me not on my personality, or being a nice person. They judge me on the way I look.

Jase: Like, we all get that.

Holly: It just really bothers me. Like, I bet you if I had a different hair color, and I came on this show, it’d be a different story. How 'bout you? Or if I didn’t dress the way I dress, or just came in more like, just like, wore glasses and maybe had black hair in a bun, and like dressed different, I think it would be a different story. I totally do, um…

Jase: It’s way better to be, I mean, good looking because it obviously gets you far in life, but sometimes you’re just stereotyped or…

Scott: Chicks always have hard times 'cause they prejudge me.

Holly: I give people the benefit of the doubt, and they never give me the benefit of the doubt. Ever.

Jase: A lot of times, the girls will be like, you know what, I thought when I first met you, you’d be just dumb as hell and like, good to look at.

Scott: I always get that, dude. Big cocky jock.

Holly: Sucks. Really sucks.


See, for one thing, you are not the best looking people in the house. I know this because Holly, you look like Macaulay Culkin. Plus, my wife told me (and every woman in the house with you has said) that Drew is the best looking guy. Plus, he’s decent and is thankfully oblivious to the kind of crap you’re fretting about. You. People. Piss me off. Scott, you ARE a big cocky jock. You spelled cheese, “CHEESSE”. Jase, you look like a yellow headed Don King, with that spikey shit sticking out of your do-rag. And Holly, I’d rather listen to bagpipes than your voice. Okay, that one’s a toss-up, but still…

Do people who think they’re beautiful really talk like that when no one else is around? I mean, I hang out with smart people, and we don’t sit around talking about how smart we are. We talk about how smart other people are, and how we admire them, like Stephen Hawking or Ken Jennings. Do olympic atheletes sit around and talk this way? “Oh, I hate my finely toned physique because nobody takes me seriously.” Or “I bet if I had a gimpy leg, people would treat me different.”

You are three pathetic jackasses.

What is this from, The Real World?

Went right over my head…

Big Brother 5. Three of them lounging around the pool, picking at the zits on their arms and sipping cold drinks.

Geez, I thought Lib had some odd house guests. Glad someone explained.

That’s the only reality show I cannot watch for the reasons cited above.

I watched all the other Big Brothers, but I’m boycotting this one. They’re almost ALL good-looking 20-somethings, and the ones that aren’t have either already been booted out or soon will be. I just happened to catch the above conversation last night whist channel-surfing. It made me want to bitch-slap those arrogant fuckers.

You want a surreal conversation? Try speaking German to a German while he speaks English to you. Continue for 30 minutes.

LOL She’s a prize!

I just wanted to suggest a better insult:

A truly multi-layered insult.

Sounds like more of an idiotic and shallow conversation than surreal to me. But then, that’s how those reality shows seem to me. NOT that they’re not occasionally a guilty pleasure for me too.

I tend to like the ones where people are doing something that I find I can identify with more. Lke the romance ones. Well, I’ve never seen the bachelor, the bachlorette, and marry my dad.

But I saw the millionaire one and one of the Love or Money ones. The concept seemed a little more interesting and the people didn’t react the way I would have expected them to.

With the big brother ones, it just seems like a lot of sitting around bickering and plotting against the others. But then, I watched a kind of interesting "expose’’ type show on VH1, or one of those shows about reality TV, and they explained how the producers instigate, or outright create a lot of those scenes.

I feel kinda sorry for the real world type “stars” they don’t even win anything after it’s all over. At least those in the contest shows at least have a chance.

Also, he’s apparently unaware that “STEAK” is a variety of “BEEF.”

That conversation squicked me as well but I am still convinced Holly is the world’s most brilliant actress and is secretly laughing at these buffoons. Also I am sorry for the buffoons in advance because they are so universally hated by the Internet viewers (the people whose opinions really matter) and they seem to really believe they are universally admired. It will be especially crushing for Scott to read the one million negative comments about the size of his penis (judging by the Playgirl photos). In fact, I can easily believe Scott’s entire personality is compensation for the size of his penis. He’s more to be pitied than censured.

Well, this looks like a good place to ask my question.

Has anyone else noticed a rise in the number of people who are vain? There just seems to be a lot more shallowness and a lot less substance to people in the world today, as compared to say, when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s.

Vain people at school were something of a rarity, there was the few blonde chicks, the pretty boy who thought he held court in class (he was just loud, not clever, not that he cared- it fed his ego either way), and the occasional b-list star. Now it seems as though they’re coming out of the woodwork.

Is it a real trend? Has the rise of plastic surgery and youth culture, coupled with karoke(sp?) culture, “everybody’s a reality show stah”, overly permissive parenting styles (friends instead of parents, I mean), and all that given birth to this intense self-awareness? Which is actually more of a blind spot when you think about it… pretty doesn’t get the dishes done, after all.

Or is it just me?

I wish they would put Dr. Will in the house with these idiots. He’d eat them alive.

I’m just watching because of Adria and Drew. Great people. Plus, I can’t wait till next week when both Adria and Natalie walk out of the diary room! I hope one goes to the kitchen and the other to the living room, and one of the dumb jocks walks from one to the other. “Huh? How did you get here that fast!?” One thing’s for sure — it’s going to have an effect on the Four Horse’s Asses. Their competition is suddenly multiplying like bacteria. (Though they will of course struggle to find the appropriate metaphor.) The secret meetings and confessionals will be quite delicious. “This shit isn’t fair!” Sweet.