What weird stuff do you do in your sleep?

My girlfriend constantly rips on me all the time for the stuff I do when sleeping. Just yesterday morning her friends alarm went off (the 3 of us stay in the same dorm room most of the time) and while sleeping I picked up her bookbag and said RBMain this is Clifton speaking. The thing is that is what I am supposed to do when someone calls at my job. Other things I have done is gotten up in the middle of the night yelled switch me and jumped over my girlfriend all while sleeping. I do the normal sleep talking thing almost every night usually. I used to sleep walk also.

Now I wanna know what is it that YOU do that is so weird while you are asleep?

Hmm…I drool…a LOT. Also, I will respond when people talk to me, sometimes very oddly.

I sleep with the cat on top of me. The cat doesn’t like my brother’s beds nor my parent’s bed to sleep on. He only likes my bed, and he only sleeps on my bed if he’s on top of me. :o

I drool so much, I have to flip the pillow over because the side is too wet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also respond to people talking to me while I’m asleep or half-awake, but usually it’s all smartass talk.

Then there’s the fact that I normally sleep from 3am to 1pm, but I don’t find that weird.

I “eat” in my sleep. My husband says that I make chewing noises sometimes.
Hubby will answer me if I talk to him while he’s asleep. He will say really bizarre things, and even argue his point without ever waking up. Example: I hear him stirring around, so I assume he’s awake.
I ask: “Can you change the baby for me?”
Mr.Tabby: “I don’t need to get the clutch changed yet. It’s FINE.”
Me: “No, honey, the baby needs a diaper.”
Mr. Tabby: “There’s nothing wrong with it.”
Me:“The diaper?”
Mr. Tabby: “It’s slipping a bit, but it still works.”
Me: “Honey, you’re asleep, aren’t you?”
Mr. Tabby: “No, I’m on my break.”

Guess who changed the diaper.:slight_smile:

I do the talking bit, too, but what really annoys my husband is that I’m a little restless when I sleep. I kick, roll around, sit up, toss and turn.
One night, I sat straight up in bed, then slammed myself back down…right onto his face. Both of us had a rude awakening, literally.
That weekend we went out and bought a kingsize bed. We’ve slept fairly peacefully ever since. Well, at least he has.

Since I don’t have an answer to this, it means my wife is keeping a secret file that will be opened at either the divorce proceedings or my funeral.

I’ve been known to walk and talk while sleeping. One memorable evening I dreamt that I was picking up trash by the roadside (I actually did this as part of a summer job once) and picked up a piece of cardboard that was covered with ants, which started swarming up my arms and legs. I jumped to my feet and, while frantically brushing the imaginary ants from my body, stepped backwards and fell off the bed. Fortunately, I don’t do this very often.

Apparently, I used to strip.

I say this because there has been more than one night that I went to bed in sweatpants and woke up with…well, nothing.

If I had been living with someone during the times when this happened, I’d think I’d been taken advantage of in the night, but I lived alone.

Seriously weird.

I did that once and it wasn’t in the most appropriate place. I was 15 and staying at the beach with my friend and her family. My bed for the week was the couch in the living room. I woke up at about 5 in the morning (thankfully, before anyone else was up) and discovered that I was completely naked. Turns out, I had a high fever and I guess, in my sleep, I was just trying to even out my body temperature or something.

Well my boyfriend says that I cry alot in my sleep. I also do that chewing noise…and JayJay you arent the only one who used to strip while you were asleep. I did if for the longest time, but as soon as I started sharing a room for some reason I stopped. Oh well I guess…guess my boyfriend missed out on that part of my life…sorry :slight_smile:

I don’t normally do weird things in my sleep (that I know of…) but two specific incidents to come to mind.

1.) Freshman year of college, I was living in the dorms and had my bed lofted. This paticular building had very low ceilings and there wasn’t much room betwwen mattress and ceiling–I couldn’t even sit up straight in bed. One night I was asleep and I tried to pull the covers over me; I must have been laying on them because they wouldn’t budge. I kept pulling harder and harder until the blankets suddenly came loose and my fist thus collided with the ceiling and I woke up. Stung a little, but this was in the middle of the night and I thought, fuck it, and went back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I noticed the fingers on my right hand were a rather sore. I casually put my glasses on and looked at my hand–the knuckles were all red and raw and bleeding and I could barely bend my fingers without extreme pain. I’m really surprised I didn’t break any thing. :eek:

2.) Junior year of college (earlier this year) I’m still living in the dorms and I’ve still got my bed lofted. Fortunatly I’m at a different building (heck, different college) and there is a safe amount of space betwen my bed and the ceiling. Unfortunatly, my bed is right next to the wall on which the smoke alarm is mounted. One night I woke up around 4am for no real reason, sitting up in bed holding some unfamiliar object in my hand. Again, I put my glasses on and… :eek: :eek: :eek: oh shit, I’ve wretched the smoke alarm off the wall. And I don’t just mean I’ve taken off the front casing, I’ve actually disconnected some wires. I freak out, turn the lights on, and frantically try to gently fix the damn thing–if I set off the smoke alarm at 4am on a school night the entire building is going to hate me forever. I eventually manage to reconnect the wires without incident, but I can’t get the casing to snap back into place, and I’m afraid to fiddle around with it too much for fear of re-disconnecting the wires, setting the alarm off, or breaking it even worse. So I build up this pile of pillows and blanket to hold the alram in place while I go across the room to get a roll of duct tape–ah, trusty duct tape. I climb back in bed, tape the front casing of the alarm to the wall, and go back to sleep. The next morning when I was more clear-headed I was able to reattach the front casing, luckily, again without incident.

I have been known to carry on fully coherent and relevant conversations in my sleep, and remember the conversation in the morning.

I once saw on tabloid TV that some dude drove in his sleep. That’s probably the scariest and weirdest thing I’ve heard anyone do in their sleep. I mean, walking and talking are pretty odd but finding keys, getting into a car and driving w/o crashing or dying is nutty too.

I drove in my sleep once. I dropped a friend off at his house, like at 3am. To make sure he had his keys, got in okay, etc., I sat in his driveway watching him until he opened the front door.

Then, suddenly, I snapped awake, and I was in my own driveway. :confused::confused::confused: :eek::eek::eek:

Scared the crap out of me. I literally have no memory between the time he put his hand on the doorknob, and I woke up in front of my own house. So either I was kidnapped by aliens, or I fell asleep and somehow managed to get home in a semi-comatose state.

Oh, and re the OP, weird things I do in my sleep: According to my wife, I get a big, throbbing erection shortly after I nod off. TMI, I know… :o

Im pretty deaf when awake. When asleep I hear very well. That’s right, no, not in the dreams, if someone is in the room Im sleeping in, they can talk to me. ah.

Well my thread got a little attention there for awhile. Anyways I just figured I’d try to keep it alive by telling you all about some of the stuff my girlfriend does in her sleep. While sleeping she will cry horribly like a close relative died. It takes me forever to get her comforted enough to where she stops and is normal again. Of course she also does the obvious talking in her sleep thing. To cervaise I’ve also been asleep while driving and gotten myself home fine. Pretty weird crap waking up and having one of your friends gone only to find out you drove him home in the middle of the night.

When I dream that the (wo)man in the red sweater appears [see “What is your scariest recurring dream” thread for details] I sometimes scream in my sleep, usually without waking up. I never knew about it until my wife woke me up asking me what was going on.

My brother’s wife is a sleep f-cker. Once, at any rate.

It was TMI, but I understand he had to tell someone. He’s woken up in the middle of the night by his wife as she climbs on top of him. He gets the boinking of his life.

She didn’t remember any of it the next morning.

I clench my teeth and then grind away like there’s no tomorrow. After 20 years of this (mom says I started it as soon as I had teeth), I tried wearing a football mouthpiece to bed to ease the strain on my jaw, but I bit straight through it. I gave up on the mouthpiece and just put up with the pain until I managed to chip away half of one of my front teeth. After fixing the damage, the dentist fitted me for a hard plastic sleep appliance that is supposed to keep me from lasting harm. I’ve had it for about a year, and one of the molar sections is showing signs that the piece is about to crack from the pressure.

Richard Kiel and his steel dentures ain’t got nothin’ on me.

I stop breathing in my sleep, does that count as weird? It’s called sleep apnea and I never knew I had it until I went to college and freaked out my roommates. It’s like this: you’re snoring along, making a general racket, and then…you stop … … … then you <gasp!> and continue snoring. It happens many times a night. You technically stay asleep, but yout mind has to wake up enough to tell your body to start breathing again, so it (the brain) never gets to really rest (REM sleep). I might sleep for 8 or 10 hours, but I’ll wake up tired.

I also sleep with my eyes open, or at least partially so. It’s hell on my contacts if I forget to take them out! :eek: