What would you do?

There’s a single ant inside the plastic container that the coffee cake came in. There’s one slice left. Do you…

  1. eat the coffee cake

  2. let your spouse eat it, but let them know there’s an ant in it

  3. let your spouse eat it and don’t tell them about the ant

  4. throw it out


Hmmm… depends how good the cake is…

Eat the coffee cake, after inspecting the cake more closely. Ants in my house do not peg my “ew!” meter.

(Unlike the huge cockroach I encountered in my office this morning - ack! I captured it for the exterminator, who agreed with my theory that it had probably been brought over in someone’s bag or something, and crawled under my door to (unsuccessfully) look for food sources.)

Throw it out.

Eat it. Mmmm…antlicious!

It’s FUCKIN’ good.

I read somewhere (maybe even here) that ants are one of the “cleanest” insects.

That may be a relative term, though.

Eat it :o

Personally, I’d throw it out.

Cut it in thirds. One for you, one for the spouse, one for the ant. Win-win-win.

(or maybe 49.5%, 49.5% and 1%. The ant won’t mind.)

I don’t have a spouse. If I did, and she wanted coffee cake and wasn’t squeamish I’d tell her and let her have it. If I did and was squeamish, I’d tell her and eat it myself. (Actually, that assumes that I liked coffee cake enough to eat it. However, being on a diet, I would never blow my allotted calories on something as mediocre as coffee cake.)

Never get “germovision”. You’ll never eat, breath, or frack again.

Eat the cake.

A single ant would not deter me from eating it, although I would definitely inspect it very thoroughly first. I wouldn’t give it to my husband without telling him about the ant, but I doubt he would care either. My kids would eat it ant and all.

Kill the ant, eat the cake.

If the cake was good, I’d eat it.

I really, really, really hate ants.

So I’d drown the fucker first and then throw the coffee cake away.

Well, the ant moved out of the cake area and was cruising around on the edge. I ate the ca…cak…kkkk…aaarrrgghh!!!


This hypothetical ant would be one of those big black ones, right? Those ones are okay - I’d definitely check the cake/surrounding area to see if it’s the only one. I’d probably eat the coffee cake if I were in the mood for it.

I’d have trouble killing the ant - it’s like a certain level of intimacy has been established. We’ve shared a moment; we both like cake. I’d probably set the ant outside somewhere before tucking in.

Nah…it was one of the mini-ants. We have the big black ones, but once we put those little traps out, they tend to stay away.

I told the little ant that I was going to have a guy pick him up on Friday and take him to the dump. He likes the dump. We’re cool.

EAT THE CAKE. Then put the ant outside.

ETA: I don’t have a spouse.

You can’t have your cake and ant it too.