What would you write as your wish for the future?

Inspired by the Glurgiest Songs thread over in CS, I got looking through YouTube at some of the songs listed. One of the choices was a song by Martina McBride, which got me listening to some of her others. One of them, “For These Times,” was a little unusual. It wasn’t really country, more pop, but what struck me was the video.

In the video, a young woman wanders through New York City asking passerby to write, on her big artist’s sketch pad, what their one wish for the future would be. People comply, and the answers cover everything. A sample:

– No more air pollution
– More pretty girls
– Nicer people
– Peace and harmony
– Mom taken care of
– Protect all living things
– People should accept others
– Happiness for Jamie

This got me wondering: if I was approached by a young woman with a big artist’s sketch pad who wanted me to write down what my one wish for the future would be, what would I write? I guess, given my current circumstances, my wish would be something along the lines of, “Dad taken care of.” Hardly of earth-shaking importance, but pretty important to me, given my father’s age and inability to function as independently as he once could; and my inability, due to distance, to be there.

But what would you write?

Depends. Am I wishing for myself, or for the world?
Myself: Love.
The World: Desire for Common Ground.

Either. It can be any wish, but just as in the video, you get to write your wish once.

A billion dollars in a Swiss bank account with my name on it, of course! :smiley:

for myself: mental health

for the world: no more greed

More empathy.

I believe a lot of our problems could/would be resolved, with less hostility, if we could understand what it feels like to be the ‘other’ person.

all girls go to school.

I’m not even going to lie. If no one else knew about the wish, a bigger johnson. It isn’t small, but who wouldn’t want a bigger one?

Since I have to tell Martina McBride, I would probably just feel like I was put on the spot and say something stupid/unoriginal like world peace.