What's a girl gotta do for an orgasm? T M I

TMI? You bet.

Must be nice to be Mr. Jarbaby, eh? Must be FUCKING nice to have your wife pull your pants down in the middle of the living room after making you a gorgeous spaghetti dinner and ask for some sex.

MUST BE REALLY EXTRA DOUBLE DOG SUPER NICE TO HAVE AN ORGASM during that sex while your wife watches in complete fucking jealousy.

Here I am, a 29 year old woman, with womanly needs and this motherFUCKING Celexa (which I love love love, wouldn’t trade it for the world) has taken a virtual melon baller to my libido and removed completely the hot juicy orgasm seed that was buried there.

I get horny. Oh, couldn’t get rid of that. Couldn’t just make me a borg…no. Couldn’t get rid of the whole libido… Had to leave the horniness completely intact. Had to make it so I sit around like fucking Tantalus getting so horny I’m thinking about how Kenny Mayne would be in the sack…

But when it comes to gettin’ down to Chinatown…there’s no relief. I was HAMMERING at it yesterday, I’m not even kidding. Hand, dick, tongue, salami, loaf of party rye, black and decker power drill, lamprey eel…NOTHIN’

At this point in my life I’m fairly confident that I could stand naked in the middle of a Rammstein concert with a three foot gourd up my snatch with Brian Urlacher telling me how talented I am and someone feeding me Brie and I still couldn’t rock the casbah.

What is the fucking deal? Must I trade off emotional stability for fruitless intercourse? Mind numbing depression or mind blowing orgasms?


An orgasm and orgasm. My fucking kingdom for an orgasm.

Crazy in Chicago,


Oh, jarbabyj.

You know this thread is guaranteed to get, like, 10000 views.

That’s the problem with these new antidepressants (maybe the old ones too; I don’t know). Some doctors actually prescribe them for men who are having…stamina problems.

Not that I’d know anything about that.

[sub]Hey, you said TMI![/sub]

oh crikey. I can’t stop laughing. Hehhehe. Sorry jb :slight_smile:
In the ‘pills are not a crutch’ thread, someone mentioned a type that wasn’t so damn hard on the old O machine. Go take a look.

Applications at the convent are up 39% since the advent of Celexa.

Talk about a habitual drug!

link: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=94073&pagenumber=1

featherlou posted it. Serzone. (don’t know if it’s right for you, but damn! what’s a girl to do?)

I take Wellbutrin and sexual disfunction is not a common side effect as it is with SSRI’s. If anything, studies have shown that it can increase libido significantly.

Lamprey eel?



[list][list][list][list][list][list][list]Dreams are made of this!

So, maybe jarhubby needs to start taking something?

Or you could get some German language tapes and having them playing in the background, with tapes of Backdraft and some police movies playing on monitors all around the room…

Yes, and they say Viagra is a gateway drug too – it leads to harder things.

What I want to know is, does Mr. J know you post this stuff? Or, conversely, is he madly sending links to all his friends and acquaintances as a means of showing off? Enquiring minds and all that…

Actually, that must be somewhat frustrating for Mr. Jarbaby too. Especially if he could “hit the spot” pretty easily before.

Not to say it isn’t far, far more frustrating for you Jarbaby. I couldn’t imagine.

I’ve always prided myself of being good at getting a woman to cum, but one girl I was dating just couldn’t. Not at all. I spent, literally, hours trying to bring her to orgasm to no avail. What a blow to the ego, eh?

Well, hopefully you’ll get back to popping off at the drop of a hat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. jar tells me that he ocassionally monitors the SDMB to see what I’m posting. He’s more concerned that I’m telling people our dog is retarded…although I don’t know if he’s seen this yet.


Christ im gonna be thinking about that gourd image for the rest of the day.


I usually defer to Madonna in these situations. What Madonna would do is squat over a big mirror and gaze at her pussy.

Nothing to add, I just wanted to stand up and applaud the original rant. The bead of sweat running down my back owes it’s existence to it. A fine juxtaposition of gourd, eel, and melon baller.

if that’s OK in the Pit. IANAD, but I’m on the Celexa too, so I have my own ideas.

How soon after beginning this course of meds did you start to notice a… “problem”?

I only ask because I think it’s very possible, after going through all of the mentally/emotionally fatiguing bullshit that one goes through before they go on meds and while they’re searching for the “right” ones, as well as the “right” dosages, that once you find it, it’s normal to feel like “Things CAN’T just be normal, can they?”

IOW, from my own experience, I wondered how long things could go on being good - waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is, is it possible you’re psyching yourself out a little? I had this problem. The reason I ask how long after you started these meds did you start to notice a problem, is because, in my case, I was noticing problems before I’d been taking the meds long enough for them to possibly have ANY effects, let alone negative side effects.

YMMV, but good luck anyhow. :slight_smile:


I second that! :wink:

[channelling Jack Dean Tyler]
I bet Mr. jarbabyj is circumcised. That’s the problem, right there. If he were uncircumcised, his foreskin would automatically provide the stimulation you need, even if your body was cut in half and you didn’t have a vagina any more. You’d have a mind-blowing orgasm just by standing near his foreskin. Tell him to get a Tug-Ahoy.
[/channelling Jack Dean Tyler]

Just grab hubby by the ears and don’t let him come up until he’s done. Geeze, you’d think this was a calculus problem.
Seriously, I have a friend who had her first orgasm a couple of weeks ago, and she’s been trying for a LOOOOONG time. A lot of it is mental, thouth. She has a very low self esteme problem, very bad personal appearance issues, and she’s taking anti-depresants as well, so although she was hornier than all fuck, and getting it a lot, she just couldn’t get off. Apparently, it just took a lot of time working out a system, a very understanding and willing boyfriend (a boyfriend “willing” to spend hours playing with his girlfriends privates…imagine the possibiliteis), and time. Don’t get too stressed out about it, because then sex just becomes frustrating (as you already seem to be noticing) Work out a system to give yourself maximum exposure, and see how it goes. Sure, it’s going to make sex somewhat formulaic for a while, but hopefully it will get the job done. Just be patient.

Elvis, no offense, but hours of oral ain’t gonna do it.

I used to have orgasms all over the place…at the drop of a hat.

I’m not uptight about it, I’m a screamer from way back. I know it’s just the medication, and I know eventually it will correct itself, but in the meantime I would like to come once in a while.


Elvis, I don’t think you are getting the issue. She was previously orgasmic, and no longer can have one, no matter what apparatus is used. This is a side effect of drugs like Celexa. It doesn’t mean that she “can’t have an orgasm”, as in never could, never will. It means that she physiologically cannot have an orgasm. Her hoo-hoo seems to be broken. (well, the part of the brain that works with the hoo-hoo is, anyway)

Jar, go back to your doc and let him/her know the scoop. (I’d leave out the gourd part, myself. You don’t want them throwing you in a straightjacket or anything!) Your doc may be able to adjust the dosage or change the med to better suit your “needs”. :slight_smile:

I agree with Sauron, too. Perhaps a magical sucking foreskin is just what the doctor ordered?