What's a good snack with beer?

I’m getting tired of the same old chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc. Sometimes I’ll snack on cheese and crackers, or pepperoni, or raw veggies w/dip. But I’d like to try something different for a change. Nothing too elaborate though. I don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking. Any ideas? Remember, something that goes with beer.

Things I have seen in beer joints I have been in include:
Hot wings
Hard boiled eggs
Beef Jerky

None too difficult to make.

Sgt Schwartz

I’m going to agree with the Sgt. and say hot wings are the best food to accompany beer.

The only drawback is you have to get your fingers messy to eat them which I personally detest.

Anything fried.

What isn’t a good snack with beer?


I enthusiastically endorse the wings. I think we’re talking about two different things here: somethings you actually prepare, and somethings available pre-made.

I like some pate and smoked cheese with crackers or crusty bread, or maybe some hummus, bruschetta and pita for no cooking set ups. Add some olives and antipasto and it’s pain free.

If you’re cooking, I think that’s another thread completely :wink:

chicken wings (possibly buffalo style)
chicken fingers
tater skins
“grillables” (burgers, hot dogs, etc)

Wasabi peas

Pumpkin seeds. In the shell. Salty goodness, and lots of mouth action, getting the seeds out. Makes ya thirsty, so you need the beer.

Hello, summertime–hurry up!

Although potato chips are my number one indulgence. Love the dang-blasted things. Really good seven-layer dip and fresh corn chips and beer… Ooh, I wish it were summer.

I can say that I found out the hard way that Oreos do NOT go with beer.

The SE Asians seem to be the masters of this sort of stuff. In Vietnam and Thailand, I had my beer with, variously:

  • Tiger prawns seared whole on a hotplate and you dip them in salt, pepper, and lemon juice (though these are almost a meal)
  • Pumpkin seeds (don’t even know if pumpkins grow there, but they love their pumpkin seeds)
  • Sundry other seeds of unknown origin
  • Xi Moi (spelling may be out). These are dried, salted prunes, and guaranteed to turn your mouth into the shape of a cat’s bottom. Quick, grab a beer.
  • Strange, Cambodian stuff a bit like Kim Chi. Very messy, but nice to eat.
  • Balut
  • Thinly sliced strips of green mango dipped in salt and sugar. Also guaranteed to turn your mouth into a cat’s arse. Very more-ish with cold beer though.

That’s my vote.

Wasabi peas (SO GOOD with icy cold beer!)
Anchovies (yes, it’s true, try it some time.)

Somebody actually recommends balut.
The board really does span the whole wide world.

The spicy SE Asian foods go best with their 'wet" beers; “33,” Tiger, etc.

Me, I can’t imagine eating kimchee & rice with nouri without beer, esp. Hite or Sapporo

Not that I’m very fond of the stuff, but what food goes good with Guinness? (maybe those Oreos?)

More beer?


Any seafood. Fresh prawns, oysters (yay Sydney Rock Oysters), morton bay bugs.

BBQ’d stuff. The more bite sized the better. Throw those sausages on the barbecue and pass around.

If I am having people over, I will make a couple of easy Vietnamese and Chinese entrees, easy to pick up and yum.

And of course, Koala Mix: Cashews, Macademias and Almonds.

Wings, cashews, olives, drunk blondes. In no particular order.

Ice cream.